Tuesday, 26 April 2011

2 and a half years, a day dressed as Jedward, a day dressed as a superhero, a day dressed as Peter Pan, endless pairs of shoes, the awkward customers, the chinese customers, the best customers, the banter in the stockroom, the injokes and laughs, the nights out, my confidence, a handful of amazing friends, the bad days, the good days, the discount and refund policy, one best friend and a whole lot of memories. I've gained a lot from that place.
End of an era. 100% Green and Blue ♥

Sunday, 24 April 2011


this was actually taken a few days ago, but hey ho.

Friday, 22 April 2011


Hello everyone. I've been okay the past week or so. Works starting to really really annoy me. Certain things and people are changing and i'm not liking it one bit, but i guess i only have 2 more shifts left so i can't really complain. Other than working, i haven't really done alot this week. I got paid Thursday so i spent the day changing over my money into Bulgarian Lev, and shopping. I managed to get most of my stuff sorted and today i bought our insurance so all the big and important things are sorted. There's just a few bits that i need, such as sun cream, a beach towel and hopefully a cheap camera. That's one thing that none of us own, and there is no way i'll be taking my slr so we just want something small, cheap and something that does the job. I also got my nose pierced which my mum wasn't best pleased about but hey ho. I guess i would have got it done whilst i was away anyway so getting it done here was probably a better idea all round.
So with plans for my summer nearly coming to a head, some nights i literally can't sleep with excitement. 2 weeks on Sunday and i'll be there. Do you remember when i was posting blogs which said 9 months? How the time has flew, it's actually quite scary. I just know that these next 2 weeks are going to fly aswell as me and Sherri both have lots to still do. Tuesday is our last day at work, which might be pretty weird. I'm certainly going to miss a small handful of people that i've spent every week day with for the past 2 and a half years. As much as i've grown to be sick of it, the people made that job worth turning up too. I've always said i went to work for the people. It's a strange bunch, but we've all had some laughs.
So, next week i'll be having my last night out with Lucy ♥ and a few others and take a cheeky trip to Tuesday mosh, i go Nottingham Wednesday with my mum and nan for the day, and in the evening we're going to see Dancing on Ice, Thursday i'm spending the day getting pampered with my mum, and then Friday i will be preparing for our leaving do!! Saturday i guess i'll be recovering, and then the rest of that week will be spent packing my last bits, and seeing the last few people that are left in Leicester. I'll probably spend most of it with family, and will still, most likely see Sherri.
I'm currently enjoying my quiet night in watching girly films with a big cup of tea and a easter egg. It's the 4th weekend in, in a trot and i guess it's slowly killing me. Especially because all i wanna do is dance! Tuesday will be good though, as most people will hopefully be out. Need a good night out with Jackie and Lucy before i go, and hoping to get a few others from work on the case too :) Tomorrow, a trip to the beach is on the cards. Me and Sherri are putting all our faith into Lynn getting us there even when tonight she's drinking and got to be up early tomorrow. From past experiences, Lynn is better when hungover/still drunk so that car journey should be a laugh. Let's just hope we don't get pulled over. Could be awkward.
Anyway, i'm bored of my laptop now. I've got tired eyes, and need to have a shower still. Also need to figure out a beach friendly outfit for tomorrow just incase we do find ourselves going for a paddle.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So, it all started when someone annoynmous told me it was there birthday and gave me an address to post the card too as a joke. Being the creative type, i took the time to make a card. Somehow i found myself at a house, it was quite big and basic and looked like a typical rough house of an estate. Doors were broken, Clutter everywhere, the bathroom was dirty with a seperate toilet, and it looked like it hadn't been decorated in well over 10 years. As i looked round i noticed photographs, and just as i was putting the card into the main bedroom and leaving it on the bed i noticed a family potraite and figured these people were th owners of the house. The 2 that i seem to remember the most was what i guessed was the dad, as he had a distictive moustache and a rough, fighter look about him, and (also what i guessed) the son, which was indeed James Cherry, a mutal friend that i happen to bump into a few times in Superfly. As it all clicked, i felt panicked to get out of the house, after all.. why was i snooping round someones house when they wern't in? I guess though, at the same time i felt like i wanted too look round, i wanted to see what this person, i hardly knew, lived like. I looked in the smallest bedroom, that still had cartoon wall paper hanging off the walls, and two rather small beds pressed up against the wall. I then went to the toilet, although it seemed more of a cuboard, as the door had no lock and little lighting. Then i heard moving around downstairs and i froze. Oh shit, what was i meant to do? People were home and i'm just casually using there upstairs toilet. On so many levels this was wrong. Do i wait in here until they go? Make a quick exit out of a nearby window??? Do i hand myself in and say i was robbing the entire house? Somehow i jumped from that point in the toilet to James Cherry finding me upstairs in his bedroom and being completely cool with it. I gave him his birthday card, which he blu tacked onto his wall and one thing lead to another and we found ourselves inbetween his bed sheets. Another distinctive memory was that i seemed to be wearing one of his baggy tshirts and we made tea after. Cute.
So after that part of my day, i found myself walking home from James, even though i have no idea where he lived but apparently it was in the country side, i walked home with my mum too. Unexpected. It was then when we came across a place called Judas (yes the new lady gaga song) which was a place where these statue like characters stood on the middle of a hill, and these weird morris dancer type things danced round them hitting them with sticks. For some reason there was a rule book in how you did this too, and there were guards watching there every move. Apparently this ws something that people found entertaining to watch, and thousands of people gathered on a hill in the middle of nowhere to watch this weird activity going on. All was well, until i heard some screaming. As i looked over i saw a tornado heading my way, only a small one but i remember my mum telling me not to panic and to put myself into the recovery postition. People were running around everywhere and we were just lying on the floor, it didn't seem right. I remember the side of the tornando hitting me, and the pain on my legs being the worst stinging i've ever felt. Mum was right though, we stayed on the ground whilst other people wern't so lucky. Gutted. The next part of my day is blurry, although it did involve Mark from the only way is essex, Rihanna, my whole family and a women who gave birth in a toilet.

I really did feel the need to post my dream as it was so weirdly detailed!! Like, i can remember every little thing! Hope you enjoy my dream x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Usually i don't like being at home when i've got a day off, and usually i don't like sitting around for hours at a time. I like being productive. Today was lovely however as the weather was beautiful and i literally sat outside from about 11 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Hoping to get abit of colour before i go away so i'm less likely to burn in the first couple of weeks, if it's sunny.. that is. When the weathers this good it really gets you in the mood to start reading a good book or listen to some new music as you chill out. As i have no money for new books, and have no idea what music to download i'm going back to an old favourite; twilight. Mum just finished reading them again and i guess it was ages ago since i last read any of them books. Mum and dad came back from shopping with a few bits for me to take away. A new straw hat and some clothes! Wonderful :) I still have loads and loads and loads of clothes to buy, as well as a new beach towel, make-up, sun tan lotion and lots of other more important stuff like insurance. Shame i'm so skint.
Brother and Fran came round and we got the bbq out for the first time this year! Got to make the most of it because i'm sure we won't be bbq-ing abroad some how?! Was good to have a drink and eat some lovely bits cooked by mother dear. We then all sat round the log burner in the garden and toasted marshmellows. When they had gone home, i sat with the rents and watched Inception which has completely confused the hell out of me. A wicked film however, but i think it needs to be seen again so i can really get my head around it all and enjoy it more.
Tomorrow it's 4 weeks until i leave. There is still a hell of a lot to do and get, as you seen before..i still have a rather long list of clothes and other bits i need and also things like getting a phone, and sorting my bank account out. Once all of that is sorted i guess i can just relax and wait. I handed my notice in the other day, which was so, so weird. I've been at that place almost 2 and a half years now. It's all i've known. Made some wicked friends for life and a best friend who i'm leaving with so i guess i have been quite lucky. I have 2 full weeks left, and then 2 days. 12 days left and i've never been so excited to leave somewhere before. As much as i've enjoyed working at schuh, it's got to a point where i have become extrememly bored. This summer is a bit of a life saver as i don't think i could have stayed this long if it wasn't for knowing i'd be leaving. All very exciting stuff.
Anyway, i'm off t'bed. It's ten to 12 on a Saturday night, and usually, right about now me and Sherri would be dancing to Blur in Propaganda with a pint of cider in one hand and a boy on the other. Instead i'm getting ready for bed and slapping on the after sun to try and keep the slightest bit of tan i gained from today! Haha. It's horrible not having any money! But i really really don't mind when i remember what it's all for.
Goodnight !

Friday, 8 April 2011

100 facts about me.

1. I’m a sucker for charm.

2. My favourite accent is the London accent…or, Australian, or Irish…all on men.

3. I did ballet when i was younger and wish i’d kept it up.

4. James Blunt is a guilty pleasure.

5. One of the biggest regrets in my life is cutting off all my hair when i was about 13.

6. I don’t think i’m fat, but i really want to lose weight, i’ve got hips that i hate.

7. My favourite place is my bed.

8. I’m a size 6 in shoes, but a size 5 in some trainers.

9. I think i’ve got nice teeth.

10. I sell shoes, and work at Schuh.

11. I literally think that my dog is my favourite thing.

12. I tan really well.

13. I have 3 A levels but didn’t go to uni.

14. I have alot to thank my mum for.

15. I leave to go work abroad soon.

16. One day i want to live in London.

17. I’ve never been America.

18. Shane Meadows is my favourite film director.

19. I tell my mum that i love Jack from Eastenders everytime we watch it.

20. I love banter.

21. I probably get on with boys more than girls, although my best friends are girls.

22. I have the same dream most nights.

23. I’ve always loved horror films, ever since i was little. My parents thought that it was strange.

24. I’ve become bored of my job.

25. I met my best friend at work.

26. My ipod comes everywhere with me.

27. I like the summer but prefer winter clothing.

28. I’ve got blue eyes.

29. I’ve got an older brother.

30. My dads birthday is on Christmas day.

31. One day i hope to live by a beach.

32. I imagine myself with 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

33. I wish i owned a rode horses.

34. I’m open minded about most things.

35. I want my own shop one day that sells vintage clothing.

36. I want my first car to be an original mini.

37. I love my nan so much.

38. Films that make you think after are my favourite.

39. I want to go travelling one day before i settle down with my own place and proper job.

40. If i had the money, i’d eat out every day.

41. None of my friends judge me for what i do, and that’s why they are my friends.

42. My favourite colour is baby blue.

43. I own baby blue converse which i live in at work.

44. I probably couldn’t go out with anyone shorter than me.

45. Most of the time i hate buses, but only when they’re late, which is almost all the time.

46. I used to collect old cameras purely for the fun of it, now when i think i want to get rid of them i don’t because i imagine how cool they will look when i get a flat.

47. I love shopping in charity shops and searching for bargains on a good market.

48. I find it near impossible to save money.

49. I wish i didn’t speak so Leicester, but i guess that’s just me…ain’t it.

50. I love cocktails, i’d drink them all day every day if i could.

51. I love Harry Potter, but doesn’t everyone?

52. I like a man that smells good, and dresses well.

53. My first flat or house needs to have a kitchen window that overlooks a garden.

54. I feel naked when i’m not wearing any lipstick.

55. When i was little i told my parents i wanted to be a dog when i grew up.

56. I love my blackberry even though it’s shit.

57. Sometimes i hate what i see when i look in the mirror after a shower.

58. I would rather wear trainers on a night out than heels.

59. The man that chooses to spend his life with me needs to understand that i will want a dog.

60. I like a boy that can dance.

61. Or sing.

62. Or play some musical instrument.

63. I keep a diary and have done for the past couple of years, i write in it every couple of weeks.

64. I prefer twitter to facebook.

65. I’m very privileged.

66. Maths was my worst subject at school.

67. I got bullied for a bit in primary school, kids can be so harsh.

68. I like waking up to texts.

69. I like all things floral and lacey.

70. I’ve listened to Examples album everyday for the past couple of weeks.

71. I like writing lists.

72. My future home will be covered in fairy lights. Inside and probably out.

73. I miss having a 90 something year old man living next door to us, even though my new neighbour is pretty fit.

74. Year 11 was my best school year.

75. I’d like to work in a library.

76. I own a lot of dvds, most of which are ones i needed to purchase for film studies in A level.

77. I hate sleeping in socks unless it’s winter.

78. I speak to Sherri every single day without fail.

79. I like boys with tattoos, but not with piercings.

80. One day i’ll own a Vivienne Westwood handbag.

81. I sleep better at night with my window open slightly.

82. I’ve never won anything.

83. I’ve only had 2 proper boyfriends.

84. I have a photograph beside my bed of my family, when i was a baby and my brother was 6.

85. I have 2 old suitcases filled with vintage clothing sitting there doing nothing.

86. I hate seeing babies with their ears pierced.

87. I miss Jackie every single day, and also Lucy.

88. Last years holiday was literally the best week of my life.

89. I don’t think i’m a good cook, but i can clean.

90. I don’t like wearing jeans.

91. I’m a flirt.

92. I guess i’m the one that makes all the decisions.

93. I’m rubbish in the mornings.

94. I crave a night out if i’ve not been out in over a week.

95. I range from size 12-14 in clothes, 12 being something fitted, 14 being something baggy.

96. I use sarcasm more or less 100% of the time.

97. Southern Comfort is my choice of drink on a night out.

98. I miss my brother.

99. Me and my cousin look like sisters.


Friday, 1 April 2011


So i'm coming towards the end of my week off! Although i haven't really done much i guess it's been nice to just chill, catch up on some sleep and bum around the house and garden. Weathers been okay, it was quite warm yday but still quite windy. All this warm weather makes me even more excited for Summer. So, like i said i haven't really done much this week. I spent Monday in town looking for a nice mothers day present for sunday. Managed to get something a little different and something we can do together which is nice :) Wednesday i spent the day round my Nans playing on the wii and eating. You definately do not go hungry when you visit my nan! It was good to spend some time with her as i'm well aware that i won't be seeing her for a good 5-6 months soon! I got home and spent the evening in front of the tv with the rents. Again, i'm trying to see them as much as possible before May. Even if we are just watching tv together, i guess it's better than me being stuck up in my bedroom! I've been quite good this week and forced myself to not go out on any random nights out. With 2 done last week, my bank balance took abit of a hard hit, and i'm trying to save so bad! I guess the real test will be this weekend. I think i'm too easy to persuade.
Yesterday i saw Joe for a bit and we met up in town. I needed to get a few bits, such as the rest of my mums present for Sunday and my friends Birthday present. It was nice to have a catch up over lunch and a drink and the sun was shining which was lovely! Met Sherri after work and we went for a mcflurry and sat at castle gardens. Hadn't seen her in a few days so it seemed like we had loads to catch up on. Realistically we just got talking about the summer which is what we always talk about these days. I guess it's all i can think about too. Excitedddd.
Emailed a few cvs out to a couple of clubs and bars in Sunny Beach last night, and one has got back to me which seems quite interested. I guess it will be nice to go out there knowing there may be at least a couple of jobs going for us. Gives us some piece of mind you know?
So today i slept in late, and now i've made my bed and put the washing out for mum i guess i best get dressed ready to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist so much. I just want to get it over and done with now! Hopefully something will happen tonight. Pretty bored of all these sensible nights in. We'll see! Much love! x

Abit about me.

Could you forgive a bf/gf who physically hurt you?
Haha, it depends if they did it on purpose or by accident?

Do you find it hard to trust others?
Yeah! You can't trust anyone these days. Except your bessies.

What were you doing at 4am this morning?
Trying to sleep!

Does anyone call you babe or baby?

Do people ever call you by your last name?
Yep, at work mostly.

Are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you?
Sherri's pj bottoms.

Tell me about the shirt you are wearing..
It's a black vest top, that i wear for bed.

What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?

What are you listening to?
MGMT, kids.

Is anything bothering you right now?
I have dentist in a couple of hours. 3 Fillings. That's whats bothering me!!

Do you ever think “what if” about anything?
Yeah i think that alot, but then about a second after i think, what's the point.

Are you happy with the way things are going?
Yessssssss, things are looking up.

Are you nice to everyone?
I like to think i'm a nice person. I hope i am? If i don't like you, i guess you'll have an idea.

Who was the last person of the opposite sex you had a conversation with?
My dad face to face, a twitter friend by text.

What are you wearing on your feet?

Does anyone think you are an asshole?

Are you close with your dad?
Yes, i guess!

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
Hhahahahahaa, maybe a holiday romance.

You have to get a piercing, what do you get?
Nose, or nape.

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Yeah all the time which is nice. We never argue. I know what makes them happy so do it just to keep the peace. Everyones a winner.

Who were you with yesterday at 12 in the afternoon?
Joe Mac

Have you ever been called a bitch?
Most likely.

Are you excited about anything?
Summer Summer Summer.

Do you miss anyone?
Yeah loads of people.

What are you drinking?

Do you want to start over with anyone?
Naa, everything happens for a reason yh!

Are you currently single?
Yep! Wouldn't want it any other way!