Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sometimes i think i shouldn't put up with it.

i don't wanna be a bitch,

but when it comes down too you,

your just quite ugly!

mmm frubes.

not tomorrow but the next day

fun fun fun.
18 baby!!

I really don't want to go to college. Its so depressing. I hate it so much.
Maybe i should wait until my birthday and run away with all my money and do something adventerous.

Hopefully some nice people like myself will put me up.

Oh, how i wish.

birthday partyyyy soon!

Friday, 20 February 2009

can't you see

my point of view.

i hate it how my level of trust just keeps going down.

when my best friend says "your like the best girlfriend ever"

i just think then why lie.

it just gets me,



Wednesday, 18 February 2009

new faces

unexpected nice people

strangers, people at school ive never spoken too etc.

it's just... nice when you find one!

work vs. play?

I'm sure that many different people have been in my situation, wanting to just quit college and never go back. To start earning money for something i really want.
There is no adventure anymore, the same old routine. Where's the fun in that.
I want something to change, I'm 18 soon.
Maybe being 18 will change things, i will certainly have more freedom from clingy parents, but is that all i want?
My boyfriend and friends are the only reason i go to college, and ive got to the point where i just don't care about it anymore.
Maybe i just need a good kick up the arse. Anyone willing to change my mind?