Saturday, 27 February 2010

officially old. 19 today

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

so finally things are looking up . The only thing i need to get sorted is my personal statement which shouldn't take too long as long as i get my head down and don't let things like this distract me . Parents are still looking for any questions to throw me of , which annoys me as i've got my head screwed on more than they think . I'm not silly . hopefully when i've fully applied and all this is out the way they might start to take me more seriously ! But anyway , it's nice having something to look forward to . I'm always craving excitement and a change of scenery so hopefully roll on September .
Had a good past couple of days as it goes , the weekend was pretty standard , not alot happened . Went out Saturday night , which was completely unexpected . I was wearing hi tops in mosh ! Whats that all about . But i had a good night anyway . Got bored and started pretending i was mosh photographer , which by the way i totally need that job , the one at the minute is rubbish ! So that was a laugh as we captured all these random people pictured with Becca . That was all some sort of massive rebellion against the bouncer anyway , as he checked my bag stating that no photos were to be taken in the club . Genuinely interested , i said a little louder than needed and probably with a lot more attitude than intended 'WELL WHY' . This didn't go down to well and i promised the camera would stay in my bag for the whole duration of the night . Gutted to him .
This week should be a good one i'm feeling . Gunna crack on with the uni stuff , and hopefully get it done , got to nip in college at some point again to try and hunt down a couple of old teachers . Pay day Thursday so hoping to get in town at some point and buy clothes for Saturday night . Working Friday , and then happy birthday to me Saturday .

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

happy birthday

I've had this blog a year today . 260 posts . Thanks for reading !


Today was nice .

But it's snowing and you had work . boo

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

i like writing lists .

my dog , my nikon , southern comfort , boys , friends , family , holidays , hot days , vintage clothing , high street clothing , designer clothing , music , Jack O'Connell, my ipod , old cameras , tattoos , train journeys , texts that make you laugh out loud , texts that make you smile , Becca , cinema , spanish cinema , my bed , snow days , coffee , tea , 2 sugars , pastal colours , mosh , long walks , christmas , memories , old photographs , bargains , Harry Potter , starbucks , schuh , lazy days , productive days , photography , graphics , film studies , new shoes , getting a new hair cut , old suitcases , long texts , drum and bass , dubstep , indie , meeting new people , sarcasm , barry m , the colour gold , antique furniture , clothes , dancing the night away , sunday dinner , twilight , toast , marmite , cheese , gigs , that feeling you get when your meeting someone for the first time , disney , hollyoaks , desperate housewives , skins , Gerade Butler , unexpected nice people , clean sheets , vintage rose , London , Camden , diary , blogging , big hair , stupidly fit people , the beach , fair grounds , animals , big cities , small villages , playstation one , pancakes , inspiration , creativity , hearts , expensive things , spur of the moment plans , sailor jerrys , nice customers at work , banter , buying people presents and watching them open them , confidence , youtube , well dressed boys and girls , chase and status , bbqs , swimming pools , having a tan , guys with tattoos , irish accent , liverpool , drinking games , staying up talking to someone you like for hours , lie ins , early mornings , primary school friends , my grandparents , real vintage clothing , boutique , swallows , anchors , pinups , neon , Frank Turner , guitars , boys that drive , visiting people , crusing , road trips , leggings , dresses , toms , flowers , jewellery , talking to someone you havn't seen in ages , love storys , pretty photographs , writing lists , imagination , irony , Cheryl Cole , Rihanna , Megan Fox , the first kiss , old childhood films , my brother , chocolate , ben and jerrys , dominoes , food after a night out , fresh fruit , long baths , hot water bottles when its cold , drunk dancing , drunk dancing with other drunk people , sales , Russel Brand , writing and recieving letters , post secrets , raves , house parties , cheap alcohol , free alcohol , coctails , festivals , camping , live music , Vivienne Westwood , fashion , boys with taste , one liners , quotes .

Monday, 15 February 2010


like i wasn't expecting it to be so good , because the amount of hype going round , but Avatar was amazing . Very gripping and had me on the edge of the seat a few times ! Love ittt .

french poster but oh well

Sunday, 14 February 2010

i want a mug that changes colour

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Thursday, 11 February 2010


me and the other half hittin' town up

. She is all i need . I miss her even when it's just been a day ..

my boy

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I miss waking up and listening to Radio 1 .

It seems i have come to a decision that will give me everything i'm craving at the minute .
1. To get out of Leicester.
2. Independance.
and 3. To meet new people.

To make it all run smoothly and for it to actually happen i need to start organising and getting my head down though . Nothing is going to happen on it's own so i really need to get focused .
But hopefully it all goes well .

Life at the minute is good , i make it sound like its awful by the way i go on about wanting to move out , but sometimes i just wanna show people i can actually do it on my own . I have work later , half 2 until half 3 . Annoying but i just plan my day around when i work which isn't a problem . Hopefully soon i'll be doing these silly little shifts in Liverpool schuh , and then it wouldn't matter . I can't wait actually . I hope the guy i met when i went in the last time is working . He was fit.

Anyway , got lots to do today . This blog was sort of pointless but just keeping you updated . x

Friday, 5 February 2010

As mad as it is , i fucking love my life .
Last night was so funny .

Sent Dan off to Manc happy , and met Dane Bowers . Felt like i had about 6 big over protective brothers at one stage but it's all good . Nice to know i was looked after .

oh life ...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

decisions ....

Major decisions. I hate not knowing! Looks like i'm back on the university route after last nights chat. I want to go travelling however, but i have my whole life to do that. A 20 something year old at uni is not cool, when everyone else is 18. I don't know what to do.

do you have any regrets?

i try not to regret anything . No point if it's been and gone, nothings gunna change .

Ask me anything

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

what're you planning on doing with your life in the next 2 years?

too many options . travelling/uni - i change my mind everyday.

Ask me anything

are you happy?

yes , at the minute yes .

Ask me anything

where do you want to go in life?

EVERYWHERE. at the minute a holiday would be nice though !

Ask me anything



Do you care what others think about you?

generally no , but if it's something really horrible and un true then i'll usually have something to say about it .

Ask me anything

Monday, 1 February 2010

i wish that

the gym i joined would hurry up and open , pure feel up for it today ! Last night was eventful , surreal at times , but still ...eventful to say the least . Nursing a hangover today , once again . I think i have a problem haha ! Hope everyones good today xx