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Monday, 28 March 2011

i should be so lucky..

Sometimes i think it's easy for us all to forget how lucky we are. We are blessed with the most simple of luxuries and the sad thing about it, is that half of us don't even realise it. We're all guilty of it. Taking for granted what we see and have day in, day out is something most people can put there hand up to. With the big tragedy that's recently happened in Japan i guess it highlights how lucky we all are even more. We moan when pay day is too far away, we moan when we can't afford something we want, when we have to go to work, when we have to clean up after ourselves. It's petty. The people in Japan are wandering the streets with nothing to their name. They have no family, no home, and only the clothes on their backs. I live in a beautiful home, i have all my family and have been very very lucky not to lose anyone close to me yet, i have all my grandparents, i have an alright-ish job that see's me through, i have qualifications, the best friends, and good health. But that's just the basics. We all have our luxuries that in this day and age we see more of necessities. A phone, a laptop, nice clothing, an ipod. I don't even know why i'm going into this so deeply! I'm just feeling overwhelmed at the moment with how lucky i am. I guess if you're reading this, you should be too! :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I guess part of me is annoyed that i'll be missing a couple of good festivals, and also Pro Green who's playing in Leicester in May. But then again i'll be more or less living on a beach all summer so who's to complain.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


So i have had a pretty decent week i'd say! Work has been a pleasure to have Sherri back! On Thursday i had my dreaded fillings which i was oh so nervous about. I think i have quite nice teeth and need to start looking after them abit better. No sugary snacks, a whole lot of mouthwash, and definately no more energy drinks for me!! I guess it did hurt, quite a bit when they we're drilling the bottom one as they had to go in quite deep to get all the decayed tooth out, which shocked me considering i couldn't feel a thing when they did my top one. I think the numbness must have wore off abit or something! I was glad that i had my mum there though, as silly as that seems i think i would have freaked out or something. It feels so weird to have fillings! Like i can't properly bite my teeth together and i don't even know if it's meant to feel like that. Weird!! In a couple of weeks i've got to go back and get the other side of my mouth sorted! Dreading it knowing it's just gunna hurt again but i'd much rather get it sorted before i go away as i wouldn't want my teeth causing any problems once i was out there. Imagine trying to get to see a bulgarian dentist?! Do they even have dentists out there? Probably not eh. But yeah, like i said...i'm just happy that it's over and done with!
Friday, me and Sherri did what we do best and dressed up as Jedward for comic relief. We went to work with clown faces painted on which was quite effective as we looked pretty much identical. After a couple of hours and the money box starting to fill we got told that we had to wash it off as small kids were getting scared. A little annoyed as we had gone town extra early to do the face paint we washed it off. I guess it was nice to be able to breathe in your own skin and we still looked pretty good. We didn't really raise much money, (£23.55p) but i don't care. Watching the comic relief show last night really bought home how much every penny counts. It made all the effort worth it knowing we'd be doing some good, even if it wasn't much, it's more than most people :) I guess it gives people at work something to remember us by when we've gone! haha!
I don't really have alot planned for this weekend. Today i've done nothing other than get showered, dressed and sit in the garden listening to The Overtones and Adele! The weather has been bloody lovely and it's made me all excited for the summer even more! Just to think, i'll be waking up to this sort of weather every single day, with a beach at the end of my road, and all with my best wingman ♥ :) Tomorrow, i'm hoping the weather stays nice as i'm heading town to meet the one and only for some drinks and then going to the staff meeting later on in the afternoon! Literally, i have no idea why i need to go. Pretty sure they will just be repeating everything i already know but i guess it will be nice to see everyone.
I hope everyones been okay this past week! :) peaceeee x

Now, i'm not one to moan...

Something that i can't stand and something that i find really unattractive on a person is when they can't stope complaining about something or moaning about something which i really couldn't care less about. It really, really annoys me. Complaing all day long is not going to solve the situation, it's not going to make it better, it is just going to make everyone around you sulk because the conversation isn't a happy one. I just don't get it, if you feel so strongly about it, do something about it and don't just tell the nearest person. Words will not make a difference in your case! Please, shut up and get on with life. Keep calm and carry on, the best quote and words ever. I probably sound like a bit of a hypocrite but it's not like i have much to complain about, which i'm very happy about. Don't be one of them glass half empty people!! MUCH LOVE x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I'm half way through the week and it's been okay so far. Today stressed me out abit at work but that's nothing new. I swear some people just think us lot have ten hands or something. Not many people know this, I guess Sherri does though because she see's it at work more than most people, but the thing i hate, is not getting a job finished. If i've started doing something i've been set for the day, or the week i have to get it finished. Leaving half a job realllllllllllllly annoys me, and it seems at that place, this happens alot. I know it sounds petty but i guess it's just one of those little things that get under my skin. I guess today was just one of them days. However, after work i was greeted by Sherri and her lovely Niece that was so completely adorable. We had a look for holiday stuff and ended up in Urban Pie as perrr. Lovely. Doing a full day tomorrow which is good! Finally abit of extra money! You can really tell when i've done a couple of proper days work when it comes to the end of the month wage. I mean, i'll be getting about the same amount of money just for tomorrow that i would be for the whole bloody week! (almost)
Looking forward to the weekend! It seems ages since my last weekend! It's my brothers engagement party Saturday night. So that will be nice to see everyone and have a drink. I still need to find something to wear though...hello new purchase? NO! I can't.
There's not a whole lot else i've got planned within the next few days. Hoping the weather picks up abit for Friday as i wanna take my camera out again. Took it out today thinking it was going to be a sunny day, but the trip to Abbey Park with the bambino didn't turn out because it was tooooo cold. Really want to get some usage out of my camera considering how much money it bloody cost!
My rooms a complete tip aswell!!! Nothing new there. By tip i mean, it could do with a good hoover and polish of everything too. I love having a clean and tidy room. It makes me think clearer and it's nice to get home from work and just chillout in a pretty bedroom. I think when i get in from work tomorrow if i'm not too tired i'll stick on the ipod and get to it. I need to start properly sorting out all my summer clothes too! I've made a start but nowhere near finished! Anyone care to come help?
I suppose i best get to bed anywayyyy, early start tomorrow and i've still got to sort my uniform out. I'm feeling a comfy baggy jeans day, so if you do come to see me excuse my choice of clothing as i will look like a little boy :) Goodnight! xx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Oh how beautiful this man is.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

I want this puppy dog.


I guess it's quite nice to wake up and not feel hungover! I had a lovely catch up with Lucy last night. It was so good to see her, but i guess its a horrible thought not seeing her for a few weeks now. Easter will be the next reunion which should be nice if Jackies home too. A pancake challange is definately on the cards. Todays Saturday, and so far i've had a pretty mental dream involving a big mansion as a boarding school, Chris from skins, Sherri, matresses on the floor and lots of drugs. What a weird thing to dream! I've also made breakfast, and watched some great tv on e4. Lovely. I'm still not dressed and don't really plan on getting dressed. It's my day off work though so please don't judge me. A night out tonight could have been on the cards. Sherri's off to mosh, which i'm very jealous about. I would happily go, it's just living so far out i can't afford to pay out a tenner to get home! Rubbish. I really could have had a night dancing the night away to some classic mosh tunes. It's been ages! Might just sit in my room and finish this bottle of sidekick i've got left from my birthday! Haha, happy Saturday x

Friday, 4 March 2011

Body blues.

I think it's about time i paid the gym a visit. I just caught site of my self properly in the mirror and decided i don't like it. I've never really like my body, i don't think anyone truley 100% does but i guess i might aswell try and do something about considering i'll be spending my summer in minimal clothing. Eugh, hope i can stick to going!


Hello! I've had quite a good week this week. With only 3 days of work it seems i've not done an awful lot. I had a rather traumatic dentist trip, as i've discovered i need a few fillings. Eugh. I'm still considering whether to leave it until i get back from Bulgaria or what. Is it really worth it paying out that much money which i need to take with me. I just don't want them to cause me any problems when i get out there. Seeing a Bulgarian dentist? No thanks! What to do!? So yes, i guess being back at work was quite nice really. As weird as it sounds i do miss some of them lot if i'm away. Mostly Sherri but yannooo. Wednesday was lovely too, decided to go for a couple of £2.50 cocktails at Bossa on London Road. I'm gunna put it out there, i reckon it's one of my favourite bars in Leicester. Sherri's friend from dancing and someone i've known but never really chatted to for years worked there so we somehow managed to stupidly drunk and end up getting rowdy on the way to the bus station so i could catch the last bus. I think we define the word classy? It was such a lovely night. Other than that little lot, nothing at all has happened to me this week. Nothing worth writing about. I guess i've been put off energy drinks for good now, knowing that it's them thats fucked my teeth up! Had my last ever relentless the other day and so far i've not felt the need to nip boots and get one before a shift at work. I guess you know theres a problem when i went a couple of months ago and as i walked over to the drinks, the lady who works there says 'usual?' and passes me an energy drink. Awkward! So yeah, no more horrible energy drinks for me. Let's see how long this lasts! I'm pretty determined because i think i have quite nice teeth, and considering just lately i've been having horrible dreams where they keep falling out i don't fancy that happening in real life!
I have 0 plans for this weekend. I have it off work which is always nice. I'm seeing Lucy tonight which i'm excited for. I have too many things to update her on! I love it when she texts randomly to let me know she's home. It's a pleasant surprise :) I'm gunna try my hardest not to go town tomorrow because i know that i'll end up buying something i convince myself i really need when actually i've probably got it in a different colour or something. Fact. I do fancy having some cheeky drinks though. I mean, it is the weekend afterall! When else do i get the chance! Hahahaha. Ok we all know thats not true. Shhh.
Helped my good friend Cortez with his blog last night, and it's finally up and running and looking lovely. All thanks to me! ;) The link is here . Check it out. I think he's tweeking it abit but it's looking fit so far!
Looking forward to a chilling weekend doing not alot! Hope you all have a good weekend. ♥