Tuesday, 29 June 2010

oh early night. happening. is. can sleep. can.


i'm feeling quite tired. Here comes the first early night in about 4 months.


Sometimes i just get so tempted to walk straight out of work, it pisses me off so much, and gets me really andry that sometimes i just wanna walk out. I really don't understand how they expect us to get jobs done whilst serving. It pisses me off so much, i swear it just doesn't look professional if we're trying to clean, especially if we're really busy. Eugh. We all work bloody hard every at that place, ok so sometimes it can be a laugh when we're dead but most of the time we're running around all over the place doing the shit jobs when there are more important things to be doing. It just gets me angry. I want a new job asap and it seems nothings around. Just want a normal 9-5 monday to friday job. Is that too much to ask for?! Ok, so that rant is over. On the flip side though,
it was lovely to see a friendly face come in work to meet me out, got the bus home with Jackie and sat outside for a couple of hours talking about the holiday and what not. She left and now i'm sitting in my room with no lights on in silence. It's weird not having him to talk too. Sort of like i've lost something important that i carry round with me everyday. Like when you wear a piece of jewellery everyday straight for so long , that when you realise you forgot to put it on you feel naked. It's like that. I'm sure i'll manage though! It's only really a week to wait too. I'll be too busy being drunk the second week. Which could turn bad as i might think it's a good idea to text you costing me about 4654e43 quid at the end of the month. I bet at the time i'll just be like careeee. (Jackie, you have to stop me from doing this) So yeah, for this week i don't really have an awful lot planned. Tomorrow i'm working 9-1:30 which will be easy and a good laugh as Sherri's in for most my shift. Thursday i'm seeing Sherri once again, hopefully getting drunk on the cheap in some park if the weathers nice, friday i'll proabably be chilling, or packing, or tidying my room. For some reason i can't go away with a messy room. I'd hate to return after a long trip knowing it wasn't all tidy for when i fall through the door. But yeah, Friday will mainly just be preparing for holiday, checking i've got everything. Saturday i have work, pretty glad actually otherwise i'll just be sitting at home going mental due to excitement. I get very excited easily. Like ever since i was little i've been one of these people that still can't sleep on christmas eve, and silly little things like films coming out. I like having things to look forward too. It's what gets me through life. So yeah, pretty glad i'll be kept busy most of Saturday otherwise i'd probably explode. I'll get home Saturday and pack my last bits and try and get to sleep. I bet it doesn't happen though!

I can't wait for you to get back the most though :)

coz you're one of my favourite readers.

I ♥ you!

Monday, 28 June 2010




I've felt like i've had no energy. Everything has been moving about 3 seconds behind me, nothing really happening like it should. I don't know why this is. I'm just glad to be home, and looking forward to going sleep.

DAY 30. - whatever tickles my fancy

30 day challange, completed.

DAY 29- hopes and dreams for the next year.

I realise i've become very lazy with this 30 day thing which is annoying because up until a couple of days ago i did one each and everyday. Oh well.

A year is quite a long time, but doesn't seem long at all when you're actually living it. (this makes sense to me). Within the next year i would like to have found a new job that i enjoy. Learnt to drive or becoming close to passing or whatever, saved up for Zante, sorted Zante out, so flights and what not. Lost some weight, Improve my fittness levels by going gym more. Go on as many last minute, and spur of the moment trips as possible, visit Jackie and Becca as much as possible, volunteer for something (festival, charity shop, police specials), save a bit of money for a rainy day, find a nice boy, grow my hair and go to london at some point. This time next year i'll hopefully be in Zante, so i'll i can look back to see what i actually stuck too.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Saturday, 26 June 2010

oh, week in detail

BASICALLY.Monday i had work. Tuesday, had my interview for foot asylum, full time job. Interview wasn't until about half 3 which gave me some time to chill before getting ready. Monday was a beaut day so i spent most of the morning sun bathing before i remembered i hadn't even chosen anything to wear. Decided to wear a dress as the dress code was casual. I wasn't feeling too nervous, until i got into town and i got that feeling you get in your tummy. The actual interview itself went ok, thought it was quite intense and some of the questions were slightly unexpected but i just did my best and felt i blagged most of it. Came out with honestly no idea how it went which i guess is better than coming out thinking 'oh shit'. They said they would ring me the next day to tell me whether i had been succesful or not. Later that night i went round Lees with Becca and we had an indoor bbq. The boy came round also and we went to get ice cream. Pretty good evening actually! Wednesday was my offical day off so that was the day that me, Jackie, Lucy and Pippa had arranged to go to Peterborough as i had booked my appointment at the passport office. Peterborough was the closest unless we fancied a trip to London, which would have been wicked but to expensive. We set off at 8am on the dot, Jackie bailed as she wasn't feeling too well, so it was just me Lucy and Pippa. Was literally such a nice day, the sun was shining, and we were cruisin' with the windows down, listening to Lucys ipod on shuffle. I was very happy. Got to Peterborough just before 10, as my appointment wasn't until 11 we found somewhere to park and decided to go for a walk round and grab some breakfast. The walk round didn't make it past greggs and some pretty fountains in the main center, as we sat eating enjoying the sun. We made it back to the passport office and they waited outside while i sorted it all out. Was literally in there for about 1 minute, was so quick and easy. Horrible parting with 112 quid which could have been useful for the holiday drink fund. Or any sort of fund for that matter. Oh well. Least i got it all out the way and i now have my passport for 10 years. Weird. Joined Lucy and Pippa outside on the green and we all lay there listening to abit of Dizzee eating ice lollys. Beaut. Peterborough is actually quite a pretty place, some of the buildings were quite old fashioned and i was really quite impressed, especially as Lee had said it was a 'shitole', i was expecting far worse! We had an hour or so to kill before the car park ran out so we had a wander round. Got abit lost at some points and ended up in Waterstones trying to hunt books down on Bulgaria. I was aware that i was going to get a phonecall all day so i had my phone in my hand literally the whole time. Got well annoyed they still hadnt rang when we got back to leicester at about 1! Just wanted to know! Decided it was far too nice to go home and do nothing, so we parked just behind the train station and walked into town. Went shopping for abit and ended up in the Highcross sipping c pint of coke. England won 1-0 that day. After town, we went to see Jackie as she had made a recovery. Stayed there for abit discussing holiday and all sorts and got home about half 7. Still annoyed that they still hadnt rang! Went sleep hoping they would call in the morning. Thursday, had work early, 9-12 which was the easiest shift ever, went straight round Jackies from work which was nice. Becca came round and so did Izzy. Still annoyed that they hadnt rang so decided to call them, left a really awful answer phone message but oh well, i'm sure they got the point!! Went home and chilled! Friday, had work 11-4. Was a good day at work, some good banter, went to the gym after work. Felt good to get back in there and get on the weights, seriously need some toning to be happening soon! Came out with jelly legs which i enjoyed. Got the bus home which was stupidly packed due to it being late. Rang Jackie, told her to come mine after she had been to Lucys house to sort her outfit out for her new job (seriously weird), Jackie rang and said we could go into town for a couple of drinks while Lucy was at work and then get a lift home with her after her shift. Was abit worried incase i got Id' due to my passport being renewed and lack of a driving licence. Managed to just sneak in the highcross, and that 'couple' of drinks turned into 2 bottles of wine and many other drinks between me and Jackie. Wicked unexpected night as we danced alot, and ended up in a gay club for free. Good old sherri. Was so very drunk, and was lovin it. Got home about 2 (i think) and got straight into bed. Still no phone call. Saturday - today, had work at half 12 until half 6. Killer. Had a letter in the morning saying that i didn't get the job which annoyed me, but oh well, i'm over it. Just makes me think who they have hired. Deffo going in to see what they're like! A little dissapointed but something else will pop up soon i'm sure! Got to work, sherri had posted a 'i ♥ helsinki' sticker on my locker. I actually love her. Was quite a good shift despite i was on cash desk for most of it. Got abit tired and fed up in the second hour but after my break where i drank a relentless and half a bottle of lucozade i was pretty much bouncing off the walls. Going mental in the stock room as per. After work, got a lift home with mother, got in had dinner and now i'm here. No work tomorrow, so my plans involve Fosse park with mum, then seeing the boy, and probably watching the football maybe. Not really sure yet. Hope its sunny though! So yeah, my week = failed interview, peterborough, work, highcross, gaybars, and more work. Pretty good week actually !

Day 26-27

My week and year in great detail. If i actually did go into proper detail about explaining my past year, i'd be here all night so that won't be happening. Alot has changed in the past year. Friendship groups have changed, i finally know what i want to do with my life, i have (sorter) a 3 year plan sorted, i've grown up alot, and after a few pointless dates i've stumbled upon someone i actually care about. Oh how things change. I can safely say though, that i'm a much happier person than i was back then. This time last year i was quite lonely and couldn't see anything getting better. Now i have the best couple of friends and a couple of others that i adore. So, as i said friendships have changed, work has not changed which i guess isn't a bad thing, it means its a stable job and that the companies doing well for itself. It's literally only the past couple of months where i feel i don't belong at schuh anymore. I think it's because i've seen alot of people move on from it, and thats what i'd like to do. I like change alot, which is why i find myself wondering 'why am i still here'. Something will come up though. So friendship, changed.. Work? Still the same, but not really enjoying it like i was this time last year, whats next? Love? I guess this ones always a tough one. I'm still well and truley single, but whereas last year i was making the most of being able to do what ever the hell i wanted, i now sit on the bus thinking.. 'i wonder what he's doing'. I like the fact i have someone to talk to at anytime i want too, i like the company and it's quite.. well, a nice feeling, which i don't want to go away anytime soon. So i guess that's most things covered. There are obviously certain things that i will always want to do and i don't think they will ever change until i actually do them, come next year or 10 years down the line. Sorry this wasn't very detailed. It's hard to remember everything thats happened, but to be honest, not a lot has really happened, theres just been a couple of little changes. Some good, some bad but i guess everything happens for a reason right?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

something good did come from schuh.

p.s 500th post.

DAY 25- my day in great detail.

I've been dreading doing these since i started as i'm rubbish at remembering things that happened 5 minutes ago never mind last week, but i'll give them ago anyway.

So today is 24th of June 2010, I woke up at 6:45 am by the sound of arcade fire, woke up feeling very sleepy after not going to sleep until well past midnight the previous night. As soon as i woke i could feel my hayfever playing up and i continued to have a sneezing fit. Dragging myself out of bed i opened my curtains as i know, that if i stayed in darkness i wouldn't wake up. Got in the shower, got ready, had some toast and a big coffee and waited for the 8:05am bus. I could probably get the slightly later one that comes at half 8, but due to traffic i never like to risk it. I'd appreciate the extra half hour in bed though. Bus was pretty full and i sat next to a women reading a book, felt okay and not too tired, and sent my usual good morning texts to the boy. The weather today has been muggy and over cast, and just not very pleasant. When i got in town i bought my usual energy drink from boots and headed to work. Stood talking to Lynn for abit about my interview and then we all sat down in the tea room for our morning meeting. Chris was back, and i congragulated him on his wedding. In this morning was me, Arlene, Chris, Lynn, Demelza and Peirs. Cara later came in about 11am. We had a good laugh in the tea room although we were supposed to be going over yeterdays figures. The chat consisted mainly of Glee, Chickens, Demelzas hand writing, Football, and Wills love for twilight. Was a nice way to start my shift anyway. Got given orders to do first thing, and my first job was to chase two customer orders up as they had not been delivered. After doing that i continued with Orders, packaging them up and despatching them. The sale has started today, so i found myself looking at what bargains i could bag before everything gets sold. Turns out theres not much good going on so i'll save my pennies thanks. Other jobs included lacing shoes and mainly cleaning as the shop was dead because it was so early. Kieran later came in and i spent the rest of my shift in the stock room talking to him, touching his pecks and him taking the piss out of me mainly. Finished at 12, which was nice and early and left to bump into Pippa and her girlfriend. Walked through Debenhams to get to the bus station and quickly rang Jackie to see if it was okay to come round still. Waited about 10 minutes for my bus, rang Marc to see if he had heard anything, turns out they rang him yesterday and he was unlucky. He gave me a number that they rang him from though and told me to ring and ask. Got on the 28, and went to Jackies house. Sat talking for ages in the kitchen drinking tea, then Izzy came round. Made cheese toasties, and then Becca came round. Discussed holiday more and played on Beccas new phone. Few hours later got a lift home with Becca. Got in and let the dog out as hes been in all day. Made a quick cuppa, and here i am now.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

day 24- whatever tickles my fancy

11 days until i'm in Bulgaria on a beach sipping cocktails wearing next to nothing with my favourite people*. I can't wait. Get me out of here.

* bar Henry.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

found on tumblr.

Seoul Tower in South Korea.
People write the name of their love on a lock, lock it on the fence and throw the key off the edge.

DAY 23 - a youtube video

THIS IS AMAZING. all real aswell, microsoft made it and calculated how far to place the pool and how high to make the ramp after seeing this home made slide on the internet ,

:) enjoy.

Monday, 21 June 2010

DAY 22 - A website.

erm erm erm i have no idea.

probably urban outfitters because they have about 353434 things i want at the minute.

This was a boring post.

I have this photo until i'm 29.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I miss you all of the time.


This entry has no meaning really.

I want one of these. I've wanted one of these since before i can remember, i think they are the cutest ♥

I love love love the film 500 days of summer, the soundtrack just came on my spotify...

When i get a flat, i'm getting a massive chalk board behind my bed too.

Wish i was here.

How awesome is that!

want these rings.

asdfhnjfmkhlb,jfomgplbkjfdxfoclsfcojpcdxlvedjofvlcwsjfmced............ hmm