Thursday, 30 September 2010


i wish i looked like this.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

ok so im abit drunk .
tonight was lovely but surreal.

i relaised i trust these people the most in my life.
becccccccccccccc\a and

thats all.p e a c e


Pretty songs always remind me of you and i don't want them too. The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club and Mumford & Sons the most.

Work today was fun.
Tonight i'm being taken out and spoilt. I have nothing to wear. Hate life.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


So this weekend was pretty good. I finally got to see Chase & Status! It was literally one of the best things i've ever seen. I pretty much didn't care, i was going to dance and go mental and nobody was going to stop me. I also enjoyed the lack of hangover after considering me and lucy got through a whole bottle of vodka and plenty of cheeky vimptos later on. Good times all round. The trip to meadow hall sunday was pretty depressing, it made me realise how much i need to get paid. There's too much stuff i want this month. Floral DMs for the winter? New Ipod? New phone... Roll on the 7th! A trip to London is on the cards next month also as me and Sherri have had it planned for ages that we wanted to go see a show. Hopefully get some cheap last minute tickets! Looking forward to hopefully seeing Cortez too, it's been too long. Work at the minute is proving to be quite a laugh having Sherri around at some point throughout my shift. I'm at a point where i quite enjoy going and not minding getting up early to go. Although i'm sure as soon as the mornings start getting darker this opinon will change fairly quickly. Works pretty much the only thing happening right now. Along with a few weekends away planned i've not alot to look forward too. A good night out would be nice i guess! I'm actually really starting to enjoy having the winter on the way. I love layering up with coats, boots, scarves, hats.. there is also nothing better than getting home after the bus home from work too the fire being on and a cuppa tea being made :) Christmas soon!! Thats just my quick update anyway.. Nothing alot is happening at the minute so i'll let you know if anything big happens. Chances are slim but i'm always kept happy by the little things so i'm quite happy just taking everyday as it comes.

we are the mods!

I wish there were people like this still around.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Lay with me
I'll lay with you
We'll do the things that lovers do
Put the stars in our eyes
And with heart-shaped bruises
And late-night kisses divine.

I love those lyrics.
I'm off to work now, and then Sheffield to spend the weekend dancing with a couple of my favourite people.
Chase & Status too? go on then. No doubt the only thing i'll miss about Leicester is Sherri and my dog..
Have a good weekend my lovelies. x

stay cool.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

somebody like this please!
somebody with edge?

thursday photos

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I conducted a plan
To bump into you most accidentally
I was walking along
and I bumped into you
much more heavily than I'd originally planned.
It was well embarrassing and
I think you thought that I was a bit of a twat

Saturday, 18 September 2010


I'm in a weird mood.
Everythings changing and i'm at that point where i start questioning my choices.
When everybody seems to be moving forward and you're stuck, you can't help but wonder; 'what if'.
I've made these choices for myself. If i made these choices for other people, if i was doing what everyone else was doing there would come a day where i would sit down and think, 'have i just wasted the past 4 years of my life for something i do not want or need'.
When i find myself in situations like this, when i start looking into things abit too much i look at my beautiful gold photo frame and read it until it sinks in.


I think its the thought of some of the people i love the most being about 20 million miles away after having them all summer at a half hour walk away thats hit the hardest.
I still have a couple of specials left.
I'll save money.
I'll have a right good time visiting,
and apparently... the heart will grow fonder.

I've made the right decision by staying here to work, it's just gunna take some getting used to doing it on my own.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thursday, 16 September 2010

100 days until christmas.


- least i get to start layering up with coats, boots, scarves, hats... etc. I do love a good autumn winter range on the highstreet!

hi i love you bye.


successfully spent in bed looking at photos and listening too elton john.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

seriously; what are we?

i'll miss these people abit i guess.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

hi hi hi hi

It feels like i've been neglecting my blog recently. I'm not sure whether thats due to the early mornings as usually i would write my stuff before work. But anyway, heres a quick update of what i've been up to and that. I finally got round to changing my contract at work. I'm not too sure how many hours i'm actually on, but anything is better that 8. I think it will probably be something like 16 - 2o hours per week which is alot better when it comes down to holiday and that all important bonus at the end of the year. COOL. My weekend has been pretty good. For once i found myself very busy! Although the bank balance is feeling it!! Thursday was pay day, and i went in town and bought lots of things to wear for my 2 nights out that coming weekend. BYE WAGES. I'm being good though and returning most of it. Met Sherri in town and got all annoyed that we couldn't see anything we liked. Which is my excuse why i bought so much... so i could choose at home After food at highcross.. (standard) i met Jackie as it was her birthday and we carried on shopping for something for her big night out the next day. I got home and was so tired i wanted to just fall into bed. I stayed up late however as i needed to dye my hair. Great. Getting up for work the next day hurt. Funny how i'm more knackered after a day off than i would be if i had done a 8 hour shift. COOL. no sense right.
SO after work on friday and practically ran home to get ready. After everything i had bought for the night out i ended up in some old stuff that i felt comfortable in. That makes me sound like i looked like a tramp. I didn't honest. Well.. i hope i didn't! We headed round Beccas as she had a free house and there was a lot of people there including quite a few of Jacks uni mates. It was nice to have quite a few different faces on the night out. Went into town and ended up in liquid dancing to some right classics! The night was a good one, but it was a shame that some men just can't take no as an answer and end up flipping out on your mates! not cool, but Lucys fine so thats the main thing. There was a lot of 'IF I SEE HIM I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR' but.. realistically i wouldn't have reconised him if i'd seen him again that night. Great!
Work wasn't so good the next day, a long shift but i was just excited for that night. Finished at 5 and waited around for Sherri to finish. When she finished we went for subways and walked it to her brothers. Met Snoop. Cute. We drank alot as we got ready and danced around abit. I got half naked in the window whilst attempting to fake tan. All good fun. A schuh night out is always messy so we were pretty much on it. I think i was just topping myself up from the previous night being fair so i was gunna be a cheap night out! We met everyone in town after a couple in the queen of the bradgate! standard, again.. we hit a few more bars and the last thing i remember of the night is standing at a bar in fan club doing shots. I woke up fully dressed in Sherri's brothers bed with a rather sore head. It was nice that Sherri was naked in the princess bed though. Cute. We spent the sunday watching xfactor, snuggling, eating, drinking flavoured soda water, and building a tower from cans. We had Lynns company for a fair bit too and we finally dragged ourselves into town for a spot of bowling. ROUGH. Everyone laughed. I don't blame them. I did the classic 'i'm never drinking again' and that was the start of the 2 day hangover. Lovely :)
It's now Tuesday. I don't really have much to look too now, which is sad. I loose my girls soon. So i'm pretty happy my contract has been changed to weekdays which means i'll try and get lots of visiting in place once they are both settled in. Least i've still got waggles :). I guess i'll be hitting sheffield in a couple of weekends time for a big night out. Chase & Status please. Good times. Sorry bank accountttt.
NOW i'm off to get showered and ready as i'm spending some time with the slags before i don't see them for a million years! Work at 9 tomorrow again. Reckon they are trying to kill me, i need a lie in still to recover from the weekend!

If you are reading CHRIS. This is for you.
So you moan that i've still not mentioned you in my blog. Here.. happy? Good. Nice hair. See you in the stockroom sometime. Please talk to me in australian, and have boxey waiting for me asap. CHEERS.

Cortez i miss you. I hope you're having millions of fun in LDN. Ring me soon for a chat. Blog dedicated to you coming soon <3

Me and Lucy we're talking about Bulgaria today and it's made me think of nothing else but Bulgaria. excited much. 8 monthsssssssssss. Yes please.

Thats all for now. xxxxxx

Monday, 13 September 2010

Thursday, 9 September 2010

me today.

reppin' the schuh gear.


happy birthday baby; i love you.x
I honestly don't know why work insist on giving me every pay day off. I think after today i can safely say i'm the worst at saving money. Needing new outfits for Friday night AND Saturday night i headed into town to meet Sherri. Having spent 6 hours and not found ONE thing. I chose the most random things and now, after trying it all on, i need to take it all back for some credit note shit or something as the shop doesnt offer refunds. fml. I did however spend my money on some things i did need. Make up for example, hair dye ( very needed okay/not ) , nail varnish... you know all those things i can't live without ._. Why is it whenever you are skint and don't need anything you see all the most amazing dresses ever, and now.. when i have some money and need something quick the shops have nothing to offer. Everythings too short, too long, with no shape, too much shape... eugh. Why do i bother! I just end up coming home with stuff i don't actually want, but i buy it because i need something quick, and the truth is.. i don't need it at all. I have plenty of clothes to wear, and this is why i fail horribly at saving. I have no will power and hate wearing the same thing twice. I'm sure there will come a day in my life when i need a new wardrobe. A walk in one would be nice. I wish i was Carrie and i had my very own Big to build me one. Can't have everything though i suppose.
ANYWAY. After a beer and a burger and looking round every shop once again Sherri managed to get something to wear and she left me to go to a meal. I waited for Jackie as its her birthday and we we're planning on getting outfits for her big night which is tomorrow. As mine was sorted, we shopped again for something nice.

After today i have come to the conclusion that,

i'm rubbish with money
i don't need any more clothes
i hate shopping in Leicester.

This weekend should be good. Costing me a small fortune but.. who cares, really? xxxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I've fallen in love with it all over again.

Monday, 6 September 2010


I'm backkkk. Have you missed me? thought as much. I spent a long weekend walking through the yorkshire dales/sippin champagne with some of the leicester tigers/ dancing with some of the fittest men i have ever seen/ eating some beautiful food/ shopping in boutiques and drinking coffee out of a flask whilst looking out onto some of the most beautiful sights i ever did see. It has come apparent that my mum has completely fallen in love with it up there, and i think that she and my dad are seriously considering moving one day. I felt completely content whilst there. Nothing to worry about and it was lovely to spend some time with my family as it doesn't happen very often. Especially my brother. Was lovely to have him back for a few days. The only thing missing was my girls, and my dog. Let me take them and i think i could quite happily vacate for a small while. Only a while though, i did start to miss doing the simple task of texting as the signal up there was really bad. I now don't really have much to look forward too. Lucys gone away so i won't see her for another week. I miss my babe! I get to spend all Thursday with Jackie hopefully as its my only day off this week, AND her birthday. I've yet to tell her i'm seeing her but i'm sure it will be fine. That okay Jacksss ? :) Next weekend should be a good laugh too. Moving in with Sherri to help dog sit aswell as 2 nights out and a bowling trip with work. I'm thinking surreal. Not a lot more to update you on! Visiting my old friend the gym this week as i've not been in over 2 weeks. Slacking!! I can see a difference aswell which isn't the look i'm going for. Still got to ask work about changing my contract tomorrow which i said i'd do ages ago. Busy Busy. Pay day Thursday too so i might update the wardrobe abit. I might even get my provisional sorted. Oya!.. i know. About time right. Lets get my life moving

Wednesday, 1 September 2010