Sunday, 2 December 2012

My minds going crazy over you.

So, everythings near to perfect these days. I've been with BHF for nearly 2 months now and still loving every minute. It's hard work, there's alot to think about all the time, but still..i'm enjoying it that way. I'm being pushed in ways i've never been pushed before, i feel like i'm growing up so fast, and i know how stupid that sounds but sometimes i still struggle to believe that i have got a job as important as this. I guess they seen potential in me or something, I'm here for a reason, whatever that might be.

I'm pleased to announce that we have a new member of the family arriving in just under 2 weeks time. Sid is a long haired German Shepard puppy who is currently only 5 weeks old. I can't even express how excited we all are. I don't think i've ever seen my mum like this. She's alive again, we all are. It feels right. All the reasons not to get another dog do not out weigh all the good reasons to get a dog. This is for the best, and also a rather cute addition that will fit into our loving home just perfectly over christmas. Roll on Saturday 15th.. where..i'll be working. I'm pretty sure that day will be the longest day EVER, and i'll practically be running home!

I've had a few days off work this week which has been nice and quite refreshing. I never knew how much working full time would tire me out. I just wanna sleep all day and all night. The lie ins have been good and i spent a couple of the days up in Liverpool with my favourite girl Jackie. It was lovely to finally go visit as i've been meaning to for so long. When i got the time off from work, i couldn't not. It was a lovely couple of days and we spent most of it laughing, shopping, sleeping and eating. My favouite type of activities. It was so lovely to visit my friend and i can't wait to have her home for christmas.

 I suppose, on paper i have lots and lots of friends, friends from all corners of the world. I love this, it means i've gotta bed anywhere i want if i wanna get away. Truth is, that's all good and well if i have the time and money to go and visit these places. I haven't got a lot of friends at home and to be honest, i don't really mind. The handful that i do have are well and truley my best friends. I guess that i know no matter where i go, how far or how near, or whatever i do, who i'm with, how much time, or money, they'll still be there; being normal, and there..for me. I guess as you get older and the people come and go, either with valid reasoning, or shit excuses you come to see who really matters. I suppose i've realised this all in the past 2 months. Yeah, i got a new job, i've done alot of growing up, things have been made clearer whilst other things have had my mind going round and round and round and round until it's driven me crazy. There's only so much thinking, only so much doing until one day..i'll stop. Alots changed recently and i'm thankful of everyone that's been there for me, even through the little phonecalls, the texts, or the good luck cards. Jackie, has done more for me in this past 2 months than she'll ever know. Just generally being there, on the end of a phone..or whatever. I know she'll be reading, so..just know that i love you and i miss you and hurry up home for christmas. I'm pretty sure we're due another food challange asap.

My life's pretty much perfect. I feel very blessed to be so lucky, and these days i wake up happy. Christmas is upon us, my favourite time of year. Things can only get better.

 A good day at work, a suitcase full of vintage knitware, amazing!!
 Me & Jacks being pretty happy about something.
 This is me before me Jackie and Lucy went on a nightout in Leicester, oh what a night!
 My beautiful two boys, Spud would have loved Sid.
 Me sipping hotchocolate in Central Perk, Liverpool! Fancy.
 14 Days until he's home!
Me and Lucy.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I'm so sorry i haven't done a blog in ages, i've been so busy this past 5 weeks you wouldn't even believe it!

So much has changed recently i'm struggling to keep up myself.
I've managed to get my perfect job, and plans and ideas of mine that i've always wanted to persue seem almost do-able. Crazy.

As this stage of my life has changed for the better it seems some other situations have changed too. I'm  not sure how to deal with these changes as most of it is completely out of my hands and their is physically nothing more i can do to help. One day i'll get bored and give up on making the effort, at least i can say i tried. Hopefully that day won't come and things will be back to normal. I do wish this everyday.

So, i'm slowly changing my life and starting to grow up. Some people might see this as highly boring and i know alot of people have been asking if i'm going to work another season abroad. As much fun as i had, and as tempting it is, i feel like i have found my reasoning for being here. It sounds so stupid, and cheesy, but i have found my fresh start and i'm loving it.

Having applied for this job with no great expectations i was shocked enough as it was to find i had an interview never mind had the job!! I'm now assistant manager at British Heart Foundation and loving every minute!! I've completed 4 weeks of intense training at the Derby store and along the way met some of the most amazing people that dedicate their time volunteering and helping the paid staff out massivly. The stories i've come across have been incredible, and it puts life into perspective when a 93 year old man brings in the clothes of his late wife who he had been married to since he was 18. #LifesTooShort and all that. Enjoy it while you can, and that's what i'm trying to do.

As much as i'll miss the team at Derby, i'm looking forward to getting started at my own shop, and putting everything i've learnt and the tips i've picked up along the way into good use. I can't wait to build up my family, formed from all different people, volunteering for all different stories and reasons.

Christmas is on it's way and i haven't even started my shopping, i'm excited for christmas and going through a phase of constantly listening to Xmas songs on the train. I feel like i'm in Love Actually or something as i see people running through the station and meeting loved ones at the other end. Jealously kicks in right at that moment haha!

Saturday night will be my first night out in Leicester in 8 weeks. Not only will i be dancing the night away until my feet can't take no more, but i'll be doing it all with my favourite 2 girls!! It will be so good to see Jackie and Lucy again, especially because i haven't been on a night out with them well before i went to Bulgaria!! I know that it's gunna be an amazing night and that we're gunna have so many giggles. It's been too long, and this couldn't have happened at a better time. I needed them home, even just for one night. ♥

So that's my quick update so far, sorry it's only brief. Working all these proper hours has tired me out! 12 hour days = bed for 10 every single night! Haha, it won't be so long next time, promise!! Lots of Love xxxx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A short story.

There once was a happy household devistated by the loss of one member, that member was the family dog. Loved and happy for 9 years.
The family would never ever replace the dog, it was impossible.
One day the mother and daughter decided to 'take a look' at the dogs and cats at the R.C.P.C.A with no intentions of getting another dog.
Before they could properly even think about what they were doing, they seemed to find themselfs in love with and walking a beautiful cocker spaniel 11 month dog.
Decisions were very torn between the family, some wanted him, some didn't.
A week later, the family went to collect their perfect new dog. Happy.
The dog was so happy in his new home, the family were so happy with the new member.
The house seemed complete to begin with.
As the night went on, certains things started to crack the perfect image of the dog, he had a nasty side and the family had no control.
It broke the familys heart to see the dog they had bought and loved turn into something they had never seen before. This dog wasn't welcome, he ruined his stay, and he hurt the family physically, and mentally.
It was a hard choice to make and the family didn't feel safe anymore in the home.
The hard thing was that the dog was perfect 95% of the time.
His eyes told his mood instantly.
3 Days later the family took the dog back to the kennels, utterly heartbroken at the situation. Their perfect dog, they had fallen in love with since day 1, couldn't stay.
The manager at the rescue center explained that the dog had never been sold and rehomed, explained that the family had done nothing wrong by this dog, and that they should have been given the right paper work explaining the dogs problems.
The family left him, with nothing but a lead and collar. They drove home still upset, and returned to a home that felt empty, cold and quiet, once again.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What a difference a day can make. My mood is 100% better already all thanks to a little phone call about an interview!! Yay, i won't say much about it..don't want to get a head of myself or get my hopes up but thought i'd let you all know! :) Something to focus on for the next week anyway, POSITIVE THINKING CAP ON!!
In other news. It's kinda a long story but we seem to have bought a new dog. Something that has not been an easy decision or choice to make. There's no way we even planned to have another dog this soon after Spud. Somehow though, it just feels right that we're having him. I guess the house feels more complete with a dog. I don't think it's something that non dog owners would understand. My emotions with Spud are up and down all the time. I miss him SO much you can't even begin to imagine. Whatever people say about time healing, it's a load of shit. I miss him more and more everyday. i still That aside, having another dog will help the healing process massivly. I think, as a family we all need it. We won't be replacing Spud, impossible. I think Spud would have liked this new pup anyway. He comes home on Thursday and i can't wait! He's ours, and from the moment we met him at the R.S.P.C.A i knew he was. Hurry up Thursday, i want Billy home! (I'll upload some photo's when he's home!)
A trip to Tunbridge Wells will be happening in a couple of weeks too. I can't wait to see McLovin and Rome! It's for a couple of birthdays, so lots of drinks will be had! I've not actually drank since about 3 weeks ago so by then it will be a good month or so dry of no alcohol! I'll have 1 wine and be on the floor or something. God help me. Sherri is coming round in the week to get it all booked and have a good catch up. Me not working at Schuh kinda sucks now not getting to see her everyday. Especially after living and working with her ALL day EVERY day over summer!
See, my good mood has once returned. With a little help from the Billy Elliot soundtrack, one small phonecall, one very lively dog, and plans to visit some very lovely people. Yeah, happy days!! Let's hope it stays for good. October be good to me!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

I dunno what it is, coming back and still not being able to find a job has sort of knocked my good mood. my positive thinking isn't so positive and i guess hanging around home while everyones at work can get quite lonely. I miss even having the dog to talk too.
I don't wanna be left behind, it probably doesn't make sense but i know what i mean. I feel like everyones moving forward and i'm just stuck. I guess i didn't really plan my escape for what i'd do if i was in this situation and now i'm feeling abit lost! I've never not been in work since i was 15 so this is quite strange. Depending on other people is not in my nature and i certainly don't know how people can do this out of choice! I'm bored to death, i want more money, and i want something new.
I guess i just need to keep waiting. In the mean time i'll just be doing my work out dvd, watching 2 broke girls, applying for jobs i probably can't do and drinking tea.

Massive sigh!!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Sorting my life out feels so good, i'm jobless and feel really useless right now which isn't helping but thinking positive is key!
This time in 2 weeks i'll hopefully have heard back from a job and have an interview.
This time in 2 months i would have a job and be doing all that christmas shopping that i can't wait to get started on. I'll also have started driving lessons.
This time in 5 months i'll be still enjoying my change in job.
This time in a year i hope to be on the road, earning my own money and looking into booking a nice get away for a few weeks. Thailand please ♥

Along the way i hope to have lots of fun, meet up with lots of the sunny beach lot, and get drunk lots of times.
This is my plan of action...very unlike me, i hate planning. Let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Love love love

I've always said that no matter how shit i'm feeling, there's always something that makes me feel better. That something being the most beautiful four men that come in form of Mumford & Sons. It sounds abit cringy, but i'm pretty sure they are the answer to everything. Obviously the album Sigh No More has been rinsed for all it's got, EASILY having the most plays out of everything on my I Tunes, so when they released their new album yesterday i jumped at the chance to download it.
It is SO beautiful, i didn't think that they could out do their first work of art but somehow this one had grabbed me just as much, maybe more. I'm still only half way through it, and i already felt the need to blog about it. Must be something special ay! Mumford & Sons i. love. you. You came at just the right time.

Album on repeat forever more. ♥

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I'm still missing you. The house feels so empty.

Friday, 14 September 2012

I've been home a week now and i'm still lovin every minute. My own bed, bloody amazing!!! It's been so good to catch up with everyone too. I've spent the last 5 months with some of the most amazing and interesting people, but when it comes down to it, you can't beat a catch up with your bestest friends. Seeing Jackie & Lucy made my week, i don't think i quite realised how much i missed them. ♥
Seeing Hannah, and spending some time with Schuh and Alex also has been a highlight of my week. Not much has changed since i went, other than some rather funny stories from the schuh lot, i don't think i've missed much, which is how i like it :)
I got to catch up with Richard, Rachel and their beautful little girl Charlotte. I'm so happy for them and it's so nice to see such a perfect happy family. I can't wait to see her grow up and spoil her lots! They also gave me alot to think about on the 'future card' which has made an idea that was once just an idea seem quite achievable. They both have certainly gave me lots to think about.
I'm liking being home, even if i am still unemployed and have no money...yeah i'm happy.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Yeah, i'm home and the only thing i want isn't here. The only thing i really missed all summer isn't here. My one favourite thing has gone and i'm really not sure how i'm even meant to cope with this. Sunny Beach took my mind off the whole thing, and now i'm home everything seems real. I fucking miss my dog so much. Spuddy i love you so much, and i hope you know that i'll never forget you.

I'm back again, that's 2 years in a row and i think it's safe to say i've done my time in Sunny Beach. This season was amazing, i had my ups and downs but i've learnt alot, once again. I've met some friends for life, had some of the BEST days and nights, seen some world famous djs, drank more than you can imagine, danced more than you can imagine, and laughed so much my insides hurt. I might have worked abit too, and slept a small bit, but that don't count.

Sunny Beach, you've been good to me...i'll see you again one day..just not to soon, i'm glad to be home.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

love this!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Favourites ♥

Professor green and a cheeky few drinks after with my babes. Love you all...if i could i'd put you all in my suitcase xxxxx

I leave to go Bulgaria in 12 days. I'm going through so many mixed up emotions. A mix of pure excitement, i'll be reunited with my second family, and i'll be back to the simple life full of beautiful people. On the other hand i'm very nervous and apprehensive. I think going alone is really going to hit me hard...although i won't be alone, i'll have at least 4 other people flying with me, to me...i don't have the person i started it all with me. the same time, i'm excited to see how i cope, to show people i can do it, and i think i just have to put all those silly worries behind me. BRING IT ON.
So...i've got just 1 week left at work, which is also very exciting. I'm looking forward to leaving drinks with some of my lovely schuh people and also my family, which i'll miss stupidly.
For now..i have a big long list of things to do and i best get on with it. xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

'When you learn to accept instead of expect, you'll have fewer dissapointments' - So true! Expecting more often than not always leads to dissapointment. If you're not expecting, then anything is a bonus, and you get along and accept the given situation alot better than if you were let down; with the wondering 'what if'. This way there's no 'what if's' and you just get on with it. It makes sense to me, i don't know whether i've got my opinion across very clearly, maybe not!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

rip tree!

As you all have probably noticed (or not) i've not updated this in a while. I don't know why, but my heart doesn't seem in it. I think that, because quite a few people read it, i'm finding it hard to open up as much as i used to. I'm scared too hurt someone, or say something wrong and i hate having to think about that. The whole purpose of this was to be creative, to blog my thoughts and feelings, and as gay as it sounds it was sort of like a diary for me. Certainly; reading back through my old posts it feels that way and it's a shame that i've not updated in so long, because i feel like i've done, and been through a lot these past weeks.
At the minute not alot matters other than a few things that are taking priority. Don't get mad, or pissed off if i won't come out for drinks or for a night out, i'm saving harder than ever and don't get me wrong it's stupidly difficult. Everyone complains at me for it, and i know it's only 20 quid, but it's 20 quid i need towards my future. Some people save up for a night out at the end of the month, some people save up for a pair of shoes, a car, a house deposit. I'm saving up to make sure i have money to buy a couple of air tickets when the time comes. I don't so much mind not going out, i like spending time with my family, especially as soon enough i won't have them with me for a good half a year. I'm pretty much happy at work now, i know i haven't got long left and it's making the days seem easier and i'm able to go work and actually smile for once. (It's been a long time) Happy days. I've always said it, the key to being happy (for me) is too have something to look forward too. People with nothing to aspire too are not worth my time, what's the point in life if you have no plans to live it?
Not alot matters at the minute other than working, saving, not spending (trying!), planning, and my beautiful and wonderful nan, who's fight officially starts today.
Think pink. Love you all you lovely lot, sorry i've been away. x

Friday, 23 March 2012

I'm currently sitting in bed with my pjs on, no make up, face covered in toothpaste, with a dressing gown over me. I need to get my act together, man up and make myself look fit for tonight. All this for my one and only... ♥ Alex Deacon, be prepared for shots. Love you!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I've had a well good weekend, slightly gutted it's over but we're already on Tuesday so all is good. Love a lads and abs night out, as standard!! All i remember is vodka...and red bull..lots of it. Also laughing pretty much all night. Best night out i've had in a while!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

After briefly looking into flights to Thailand just for some idea of how much i'll be forking out, i've noticed that it will probably be better to book last minute rather than in advance, saving myself about 100 pound and sometimes more. Last minute's good, it gives me chance to save up over summer so i know i'm not skint when a big lump sum goes out of my savings!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Taken from this blog here . Worth a read, i've fallen in love with this blog.

Nothing is real anymore.

Just seen the preview for the new issue of Vogue - once again the cover star Adele has been airbrushed - as was Florence Welch two issues ago. In this ‘natural beauty is everything’ society we apparently live in is doing this, how are we supposed to see the real beauty when even the most powerful fashion magazine are airbrushing our beautiful British ladies?

There is an unbelivable amount of fakes being reproduced for the mass market. The once great and iconic Alexander McQueen skull scarf is now being churned out and sold for 10% of a real McQueen scarf. Does no-one wish to earn enough money and buy a real one? I brought my McQueen three years ago, and it cost me a months wage - but its real, its part of the British Fashion History.

There is no individuality - in our merry city of Leicester, every other girl is now a carbon copy of a boy from Well Gosh - Obey tee, Air Max, all complete with a short back and sides in a shit little top knot. Every guy appears to have fallen into a pile of Stussy and Chinos - Stussy being a skate brand, yet not one has skated in their life? And fake tan. So much fake tan.

In 10, 20 or 30 years time individuality will be lost to the reproductions, the fakes and the fads. Don’t let the airbrushing fool you - Your more beautiful when you look like youve not made an effort.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Plans for travelling and all the rest have to start moving forward soon. I'm getting impatient. I wanna book flights, make notes of where to visit, make notes of what to do and what not to do. What to eat, how to travel. I stumbled across this blog TRAVEL BLOG and it's got me very excited to be apart of it all. I've also got a good friend that's currently living the dream as we speak, his different stories and photo's have me craving for more, and i want it all. I want to see everything he's seeing, and wish i was there to experience it too! Check his blog here . I'm currently saving as hard as i can (something i have great difficulty in doing and always have) so after Bulgaria, i'll hopefully have enough money to book a one way flight straight to Bangkok. I'm very excited about it all, and i'll keep you as updated as i can, even if there is a small matter of 5 months in Sunny Beach inbetween!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'd love to write a big update on here about my past couple of weeks, but to be honest i've not got anything nice to say so i won't say anything at all (for a while).

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Friday, 2 March 2012

At the minute i feel like i wanna do nothing but work. I need money to get me out of here, to take my mind away, to go to all the places i quite literally dream of. Get me back to work please.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Words can't describe it. All i can say is, go. Just be there this year, and you'll know.
Cacao ♥
Sorry about the rant, i've spent the last couple of days laughing my bum off with people from work, my brother and Aldeacs. My weeks getting better and better, nails done tomorrow, along with calander girls, and seeing Hannah. Good stuff.
I shouldn't be wasting my time and effort on this blog but i'd just like to say, if you're reading this then you've let me down, you've pissed me off, you've done everything that you said you wouldn't and i know i shouldn't care and sometimes act like i don't i can't help but still be pissed off. Especially when after everything i STILL have at least respect for you and message you something nice, only to get no reply. It's not like we even went through much together, which..quite frankly i'm grateful for now, i just would have liked some warning, or an explanation. You're SO not worth me being nice to you now. What's the point if you ignore me anyway? Idiot.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


This weekend i've become a recluse. My best friends been my bed, and my companys been the dog and occasionally my brother. It's been nice though, and as much as i had to put everything into forcing myself not to go out all i wanted to do was go out and play. Felt quite proud of myself for staying in, and my body loves me again after dancing round my living room like a prat to a work out dvd. Lovely lovely. It's all for a good cause though, next weekend is the one!! I can't think about it and not smile!! I've got a good week following up to it actually, nothing to do, and no money up until Thursday..which gives me some time to go gym, some time to sort out what's actually happening on Saturday. Wednesday i've got tickets with all the lovely ladies in my family to go and see Calander Girls at DMH in town. I love this, it's a tradition that we do every year where we get tickets to go and see something all together. Looking forward to seeing Hannah too, i feel like we need a good catch up even though i've probably got nothing to report and will just end up moaning about men! haha same as always then! Thursday is pay day, and the day i go for drinks with some of the schuh lot! That'll be nice, considering i'll only have one more day at work then i'm off for the week! Yay.
I'm excited, mainly to see everyone that i've not seen in what feels like forever. I've missed my second family, nearly as much as i missed my actual family whilst in Bulg. It's a great excuse to get so drunk for once other people will have to deal with looking after me/buying me shots. Beaut. I can't wait to get my girls back once again, although it's not been long since i last saw them, i have to make the most of this time with them, as after now it might be a long time until they come back home. I think you may have realised i'm VERY excited for next weekend. I just hope people don't start letting me down, i know what people can be like, and things conveniently start popping up to get in the way of the plans i've had for the past 2 months. Hopefully people will prove me wrong!!
Anyway, that's it for now. Much love, here's to my last week of being 20. Since when did i get so old? WHERE has the time gone!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines tomorrow, i'd like to be able to say i'll be spoilt rotten, get floods of cards/flowers/presents sent to me and told i love you by at least 3 different men...realistically i'll be going out and getting blind* drunk with Sherri and James.

*Blind drunk, hardly...i have 20 pounds to my name. Pre drinking wine at home it is then. One moment while i be sick at the thought...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Oh & this was a rather good random Tuesday night. Mosh with a couple of my favourites. Beautttt.
There's loads of spelling mistakes in that but i can't be bothered to edit them. FORGIVE ME.


So, i've obviously been rubbish with this blog recently. Sorry people! I can't really use the excuse that i've been busy because i've not really. I suppose i just don't want to bore you all with me going on about how excited i am for the summer and that.
I'm trying to think about the things i've done since i last updated this! I think the most important thing, which by the way i wanted to write about as soon as it happened but couldn't quite get my words out is that i went to visit my lovely cousin a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't really sure what to expect, in my head, all i could imagine is what you see on the films, or tv shows. To be fair, i'm not sure whether it's naive of me to say this, but it wasn't as bad as i had expected. It was quite a friendly atmosphere (as friendly as it could be) and i can't explain how good it was to see him. It's such a peace of mind to finally see that he's doing ok. He's coping, and smiling and seems to be getting along with it as best he can. For the whole hour, i sort of forgot where we were, it was an hour of laughing and smiling and joking about what we're gunna do when he gets out. It hit hard when it came to leaving him. I can't imagine what it's like for kids. Next time i see him, he'll be home, and safe, and free. It really was what i needed. Peace of mind, he's doing ok.
My summer plans are coming along nicely. I'm not going to say alot until things are booked and finalised but all i can say is my summers probably going to be alot better than yours.
I'm back at the gym aswell! I forgot the amazing feel you get after a good hour at the gym. I'm sort of determined to be even slightly more toned, or slimmer for summer. At the minute (as you all know) i'm not at all happy with the way i look. Roll on that summer body that i literally dream of.
Other than the partying like a rock star, i've been working. Still on the slow 15 hour contract. It's starting to get me abit down, i mean not in a crying depressing down, just a sort of, itchy feet, want more hours, but not getting any down. I'm attempting to save and just finding it really hard. I can't save on the best of months so with the bare minimum hours i'm really struggling. I'm hoping to get a bit of money for my birthday however, which i'm determined to put straight into the savings account. I want it to go towards something and not wasted on alcohol, food, or pointless clothes that i don't need. Hopefully my hours will pick up abit, and i'll be able to get some over-time. Anyone need shifts covering you know where i am!
Talking about clothes, i may be completely condradicting what i have just said, but i can't wait to treat myself to a birthday outfit! It's going to be a BIG night, with lots of faces that i love. That's the main thing that i'm looking forward too. having everyone i love in one room. It's not very often that you can make that happen now, is it! I'll have a fair few coming from Sunny Beach, most of which i haven't seen since me and Sherri left in floods of tears at Jacks bar! I'll have the Schuh crew that will always pop along and show their faces, and i'll have the fam, that have been there for every birthday. Not forgetting the bessies Jackie&Lucy, and then there's Sherri who will be doing a hell of a lot of mingling for me!!! It's going to be amazing, and i'm yet to decide where we'll be heading. To be fair, i'm not at all bothered. As long as everyone's happy i'm happy! I'd happily just sit in a pub all night catching up with everyone, but i'm sure after one too many panda pops all i'll wanna do is danceeeeeeee!!
Speaking of 21st birthdays, i went out for Lucys last night which was a really good but surreal night!!! Good in the way i finally managed to get a decent amount of drunk, in the way i danced pretty much ALL night, and in the way i had Jackie there playing wing man at one point. (Although i was almost certain it would be me playing wingman, well done Jackie) Surreal in the way i felt like i had skipped back about 4 years with some of the people that i got re-united with. It was quite nice actually. Although it had been a long while, things were the same. Weirdly. I liked it. But anyway, Lucy had fun, and lots of shots were downed which i guess is the main thing. It was a good night and i felt like i was dying this morning so i guess that's what i was aiming for.

Other updates consist of :-
I'm staying single forever and i want nothing to do with valentines day.
I've decided to online shop more. Coming home from work to find parcels is literally like a little bit of christmas....but on a normal day. (see, i'm well good at saving)
I got my nose re-pierced, it fell out a day later.
I'm going London next month (FINALLY) to see Cortez. I've missed that city and that boy far too much.
I've started shopping for the flat that i'll get one day. I've bought a mug. (It's a start alright!)
Whitney Houston died last night.
We've recently had quite a bit of snow, it's at that annoying stage of ice and slush. What's the point?!

Chao for now.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012

few of my favourite people.


I've been gone from here for quite abit of time. I'm not sure why, just sometimes i find it really hard to think of something to write, and even if i do, i've gotta hope whoever reads this finds it interesting. There isn't really alot to update you on. Works slightly dragging now christmas is over, and it's weird having only having a few people in compared the massive amounts of staff we had over christmas and new year. I'm starting to get restless now. It's a new year and summers so close yet still so far. There's still so much to be done, and i would like to try and save a hell of lot more money this time round! Bulgaria is happening again and whenever i think about it, i manage to make myself feel sick from excitement. It's like, my year is in 2 halves. I spend half with my summer family, and half with my real family. Both halves are amazing in their own way. I think christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I get to spend time with my parents, my grandparents, my brother and the rest. I get to see my old friends that come home from uni. I love it..At the same time, summer. I can't listen to Avicii without it putting the biggest grin on my face. I'm looking at about 15 weeks and i'll be back. Be back with some of the people that helped me survive last year! Having broke the news to my mum that i'm going back (she wasn't best pleased) i can now look forward and get on the list of 'things to do'. It's quite a big list, which is why i'm starting now. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. I've got my birthday, which should be amazing if certain people show up that i've been told will. I'm excited to have everyone together. Essentially, both summer, and winter families (a select few) together, dancing, and drinking. What could be better?
I've got alot to look forward too, which is what i'm buzzing off. This is what i love about life. What have you all got to look forward too? I hope it's something good. Don't be boring.
Summer love ♥

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Skinny Love, explained.

I'm actually a bit fed up at the minute. Don't get me wrong i'm happily going about my everyday job, earning and attempting to save up, but it's just dragging! I need something to look forward too! I guess i've got my birthday coming up, and i'm excited for a night out in Notts with Dan and Matt. It will be good to finally go out with them since Sunny considering they love the bloody closest! I'm getting bored of the cold now! I want the beach on my doorstep, i wanna walk to work in shorts and a bikini, i wanna live in flip flops and spend the day chatting to people and drinking cocktails. I want blazing heat all day everyday, and to get my tan back!! I'm bored of coats and boots and scarves. Roll on May. I might even start flight searching tonight.
Sunny Beach 2012 ♥

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Haven't blogged in a while. A lazy and hungover Sunday deserves a photo. I'll update you all when i'm in the mood to write. At the minute i just wanna watch dancing on ice and drink tea. I'll be back soon xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My tiny but amazing dvd collection. Deserves a go on here.

Monday, 9 January 2012

I hate it when people say 'i don't know what i want'. It should be simple, you either want me or you don't.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

500 Days Of Summer

A few reason's why i love this film..

The casting is perfect. A beautiful couple that at some points in the film are perfect for each other.
The soundtrack, The Smiths ♥
The story, this is not a love story. I like it because it's realistic. People get together, fall in love, and break up. It's completely natural, and i love how the narrative is told.
The filming, the constant jumping back and fourth throughout the 500 days. I like the contrast in the moods. I like the snippets throughout it too, clips told from the characters point of view on 'love'.
I'm gunna put it out there to be my favourite film ♥

I missed day 3 out because i have too many favourite foods.

A nice photo and a wasted photo of my girls. You decide.
Last night was eventful. It was good to see Becca for the first time since my leaving do! (not long then). It felt like we were kind of going back a couple of years though, seeing Lucy in Queen Of Bradgate again behind the bar it really did feel like summer of 2010 again. i think i can thank this headache for the stupidly strong cocktails and shots we were drinking. I also had endless vodka redbulls which just made me wanna danceeee! Out of all the people in mosh i ended up catching the eye of a gay guy, which resulted in us becoming best friends and him telling me all about how he thinks his boyfriend was going to cheat on him. Before i knew it, i felt like Jezza Kyle and was outside trying to get them to talk. He also didn't stop going on about how i was too pretty for anyone but he really wasn't in to girls. Thankgod for him clearing that one up! jackie pulled (standard). Me and Lucy ended up in the food place next door for what seemed like a good 2 hours, before we headed to Sophbeck to carry on the night. Sophbeck was same old really, too hot, too many weirdos, and downstairs had the same beat going for about 10 minutes i swear! Was good to see the brother though and the usuals that he's out with most times. As the soberness started i stumbled into bed at about 6 after some embarrassing texts and messages to people that i really regretted this morning. Brilliant.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A night out with these pair is much needed. ♥

I'm fed up of having the same sort of dreams at night. Something in my life needs to change in order for my thoughts when i'm sleeping to change right? Question is, what?