Sunday, 2 December 2012

My minds going crazy over you.

So, everythings near to perfect these days. I've been with BHF for nearly 2 months now and still loving every minute. It's hard work, there's alot to think about all the time, but still..i'm enjoying it that way. I'm being pushed in ways i've never been pushed before, i feel like i'm growing up so fast, and i know how stupid that sounds but sometimes i still struggle to believe that i have got a job as important as this. I guess they seen potential in me or something, I'm here for a reason, whatever that might be.

I'm pleased to announce that we have a new member of the family arriving in just under 2 weeks time. Sid is a long haired German Shepard puppy who is currently only 5 weeks old. I can't even express how excited we all are. I don't think i've ever seen my mum like this. She's alive again, we all are. It feels right. All the reasons not to get another dog do not out weigh all the good reasons to get a dog. This is for the best, and also a rather cute addition that will fit into our loving home just perfectly over christmas. Roll on Saturday 15th.. where..i'll be working. I'm pretty sure that day will be the longest day EVER, and i'll practically be running home!

I've had a few days off work this week which has been nice and quite refreshing. I never knew how much working full time would tire me out. I just wanna sleep all day and all night. The lie ins have been good and i spent a couple of the days up in Liverpool with my favourite girl Jackie. It was lovely to finally go visit as i've been meaning to for so long. When i got the time off from work, i couldn't not. It was a lovely couple of days and we spent most of it laughing, shopping, sleeping and eating. My favouite type of activities. It was so lovely to visit my friend and i can't wait to have her home for christmas.

 I suppose, on paper i have lots and lots of friends, friends from all corners of the world. I love this, it means i've gotta bed anywhere i want if i wanna get away. Truth is, that's all good and well if i have the time and money to go and visit these places. I haven't got a lot of friends at home and to be honest, i don't really mind. The handful that i do have are well and truley my best friends. I guess that i know no matter where i go, how far or how near, or whatever i do, who i'm with, how much time, or money, they'll still be there; being normal, and there..for me. I guess as you get older and the people come and go, either with valid reasoning, or shit excuses you come to see who really matters. I suppose i've realised this all in the past 2 months. Yeah, i got a new job, i've done alot of growing up, things have been made clearer whilst other things have had my mind going round and round and round and round until it's driven me crazy. There's only so much thinking, only so much doing until one day..i'll stop. Alots changed recently and i'm thankful of everyone that's been there for me, even through the little phonecalls, the texts, or the good luck cards. Jackie, has done more for me in this past 2 months than she'll ever know. Just generally being there, on the end of a phone..or whatever. I know she'll be reading, so..just know that i love you and i miss you and hurry up home for christmas. I'm pretty sure we're due another food challange asap.

My life's pretty much perfect. I feel very blessed to be so lucky, and these days i wake up happy. Christmas is upon us, my favourite time of year. Things can only get better.

 A good day at work, a suitcase full of vintage knitware, amazing!!
 Me & Jacks being pretty happy about something.
 This is me before me Jackie and Lucy went on a nightout in Leicester, oh what a night!
 My beautiful two boys, Spud would have loved Sid.
 Me sipping hotchocolate in Central Perk, Liverpool! Fancy.
 14 Days until he's home!
Me and Lucy.