Monday, 28 February 2011

69 days what?

tweet tweet.

So true. What has twitter done to me?

recent photo!

This was me on my birthday! Look how old i look! haha. x


Hello :) Again, i've been really rubbish with trying to keep this updated! Alot seems to have happened since the last time i wrote. I'm now no longer a teenager which is freaking me out slightly. Does this mean i have to officially grow up and make big decisions? Get a proper job, and settle down with a boy. I hope not because then i'll be pretty much screwed. I don't want any of those things! I had quite a good birthday i suppose. It was only good though, nothing special. I was very spoilt and got some money to take away with me over the summer of the fam! I'm very grateful and lucky. It was lovely to see Jackie as she came back for the weekend to see me. Funny how one minute she was only meeting me in the day for a bit of shopping and next thing we're doing shots before we go out. I love how easy she is to persuade to come out! It was a good night, but very eventfull! We went to Republic which is the old Zanzi bar re-opened and made into a new nightclub. It was way too big! We spent most of the night searching for people. Me and the girls had a good dance though, and after a couple more drinks nothing really mattered when Katy B came on. On my actual birthday i went for a carvary with my fam which was ok. Brother didn't seem in the best of moods which is not my fault whatever people may say. Thats a long story however and posting on here wouldn't be the best thing to help the situation. I also wouldn't want to bore some of you! So that was my birthday! I guess it just highlighted how much i'm craving to get away from this place more. It's seems like it's not so much of a want, but more of a need. Being here is slowly driving me mad.
A couple of weeks ago i did abit of extra work for my brothers friend Taz which was good. We worked at the NEC in Birmingham for 3 days at his stall set up to advertise his buisness which was a evening and prom wear shop! Must admit, i did quite enjoy getting suited and booted and pretending i was on the apprentice or something. I had a really good laugh too and it was a good experience. I would be happy to help out next year if Taz offered. The long days had me knackered by the end of it however, and a week off was much appretiated after that!! The week has just flown by but i guess i've got a lot sorted and it's been quite productive. I've learnt alot about certain family members, and plans for summer are all falling perfectly into place. Lovely.
It's my last day off tomorrow! I think a long lie in is needed, and then i have a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I think i'll be coming straight home after anyway too get back into my comfies and chill out for the rest of the day considering i've not had a chilling day all week for some reason! I go back to work Wednesday which i'm dreading abit. It's always the same when you have abit of time off. Going back is always vile!!! Oh well, not long until me and Sherri get ourselves out of this place. Not long until its cocktail oclock all the time ;)


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Photography what?

I miss my camera! I miss going out on nights out or too house parties and taking it with me; getting some really nice and effective shots! My camera just seems to sit on my shelf these days collecting dust, which is a shame because it wasn't cheap! Maybe i should start taking out and about again. I mean, i do enough things to take it too. If it's just used for getting a couple of snaps when me and Sherri go for cocktails after work, or if it's just used round the house more. The problem these days is that we're all impatient. People can't wait for something.. they need it there and then. Now, don't get me wrong, i do enjoy being able to upload a photograph straight from my phone to facebook or whatever, but everyone's at that. I make this my aim for the last few months i've got here! I'll try and use my babe of a camera more. I'll also post some of my shots on here for all you lovely bloggers. I wonder if i've still got the skill? It's been ages!xxx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

hows your day been ?

You asked this yesterday so just pretend it's yesterday still. I had a lovely day thankyou. It was very busy and productive!

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011

I'm back.

I guess i didn't realise how many people read this until i stopped blogging for a while and everyone slowly started to mention how they wanted something to read. I'm sorry, i've been rubbish. It just seems that lately i've not had much to talk about, and i'd hate to think that i'm boring you all. Even now i'm struggling to think about latest events and i'm struggling quite abit. Having been ill with a cold last weekend, it meant that i was unable to spend it with some of my favourites. I was meant to be in Sheffield but didn't go because i didn't wanna kill the party! I know it won't be long before i see everyone again with what the next few months have to offer me. With Valentines Day coming up, it makes me sick! Haha, probably something to do with me being single? Is this my, what? 3rd year that i'll be spending it alone? How depressing eh. At least i'll get a card from my Nan, she never fails me. What a babe. In a way i think i'd hate to have someone i feel that closesly about, especially as plans to go away over the summer are finally all coming together. Having some sort of relationship would make it hard and in a way i'm glad i'll be going out as single as ever. I guess, it would just be nice to get some flowers or something. Any takers!?
It's my birthday at the end of this month and i shall be celebrating with some of my favourite people. I've made a big thing about it at work so hopefully most of them lot will show their faces at some point. Hoping Jackie, Becca, Lucy will manage to make it, i know it's hard with money and getting time of work so i've told them not to worry too much if they can't make it. Of course, my lovely family. My brother is up for it, and got my cousins also. Obviously Sherri, my one and only. It should be a good night, and even if people only show up for one drink i'll be chuffed they made the effort anyway! I can't believe i'll be 20. It's actually mental. This year has flown by quicker than i could have ever imagined. I think this time last year i was planning on going too college to study public services. Oh how things have changed. I'm glad things have turned out how they have done. I'm making alot more sense of life now and i'm pretty happy that i've got stuff to look forward to finally.
Another one to look forward too, is my leaving do. The date is yet to be decided but it will be a great time for both mine and Sherris family to get together and get to know each other...Obviously for everyone to get borderline pissed too and have a good old dance before we're let loose on our own in the big wide world. Tomorrow i'll be meeting Sherri in town so we can go looking around for a decent venue for the leaving do. We want somewhere cheap, somewhere big enough, and somewhere cheerful. Is that to much to ask for? I hope not! I guess i'll let everyone know when we have finalised the plans for the leaving do and i can probably go abit more into it when we know ourselves whats kicking off!
I've offically ran out of things to tell you all about. I'm pretty much a grandma at the minute as i'm working my hardest to save like crazy! So that means, weekends in, no shopping for new clothes, and no more dinner dates with Sherri after work. Depressing as hell but it will be all worth it. It's safe to say i'll be making up for time spent in for 5 months soon enough. Happy days. I'll try my hardest not to leave it so long next

Thursday, 10 February 2011

not blogged in ages.

Hello. I know i haven't, i'm sorry. I didn't realise people still read it! Maybe i'll do one soon, just for you.

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