Monday, 29 November 2010


I had a lovely weekend. It was spent with my favourite schuh people, drinking home made cocktails, playing guitar hero, wii, falling over, cuddling, laughing, eating, playing with the cutest kittens and talking, and that was only Saturday night! Sunday i found myself with a sore head, nearly falling asleep through the staff meeting and laughing at inappropiate times. I don't really see why i have to go to them considering we go over the same thing every time. I hope everyones good today. I had work, it was nice. Abit annoyed that work seemed to have cut my hours quite dramatically. Shall be having words with my manager tomorrow about that! Not alot going off this week, everyones seems to be looking forward to Saturday night! A free meal and a whole lot of drinks why shouldn't they! We played christmas songs for the first time at work today. It was lovely... I'm sure in 3 weeks i won't be saying the same thing after they have it literally on repeat. Anyway.. off for some dinner. xxx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010

Sunday, 21 November 2010

christmas greetings.


i honestly am dreading tomorrow at work. In all my 2 years, i've never dreaded going in. But tomorrow i feel like i want to ring in sick/not turn up or something. Maybe i'm over reacting but i think i can find a few others that share this feeling. Everythings abit slow at the minute. I've got nothing to look forward too and i guess i'm getting bored. I get bored so easily. Christmas is full steam ahead now, and with only about 5 weeks to go, i ought to get shopping. I'm quite lucky i suppose. I have friends who are easy to buy for, my mum also. It's just my brother and dad. With dads birthday being on christmas day, i need to pull out a double wammy on the present front. Brother is the hardest person to buy for too. The boy that has everything! I'm sure i'll find him a tshirt or something. Sure the lovely wellgosh boys will help me out again! My weekends been quite nice, Saturday me, sherri and the rents went shopping in Nottingham. Even though not much shopping happened.. we did go for a nice pub lunch and have a nice wander drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows. Everything seemed very festive and i treated myself to some perchases. Today was spent at the pub again, pub lunch, drinks, and cheesecake. The christmas lights in town were turned on today aswell so me Sherri and Ashlee went too town hall square to see what was cracking. A 10 quid taxi ride later and i got home and crashed in front of the fire watching bad tv talking to Dom when facebook chat stopped being a slag.
As christmas is nearing, i can't help but look back on what i've done this past year. The horrible thing is, not much at all. I don't even want to look back at the list i made to see what i've not completed. At least i've realised this now right, and still got a couple of months to change things before i'm going into 2011 with nothing achieved. I'm not really excited for christmas, i think work kills it. Like, i remember finishing school for 2 weeks and it being the best feeling. Maybe i should become a teacher just for the holidays? Retail kills the whole experience, but i know its exactly the same for alot of other people. Give it a couple of weeks and i might be feeling it abit more. I like having my friends and family close, and getting to see my brother alot of the christmas period. It makes me realise how lucky i am to have such a big and loving family. So yeah, christmas.. work or no work.. is always abit of an eye opener especially as people seem to forget throughout the rest of the year.
2011 will be a big year. You have my word! x

Friday, 19 November 2010

you've changed.
you're no fun anymore.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Monday, 15 November 2010

oh hi winter.

Well this weekend was pretty good. Saturday night i got way too drunk after drinking far too much wine, champers, and vodka. A lovely mix then! I loved the people that came out, a nice mix of Jackie, Sherri, Work people and boy. Only spent 20 quid too, unless i drew more money out and don't remember. Safe to say i won't be getting a recept when i draw money out from now on. Having Jackie home makes me excited for christmas, having her 20 minutes away is a lovely thought. Only one week left until the dreaded day at work. (Sherri understands) lets make the most of this week though i reckon. The mornings are starting to get bloody freezing, and i'm wearing more and more layers for bed plus a hot water bottle. Winters finally here, and as much as i might moan about the cold i actually really enjoy wrapping up and coming home after a day of work with the fire on full and getting changed into comfies. Does that make me sound really gay? Soz. This post was really pointless but i feel like i'm not updating it enough these days. I'm still happy so thats all you lot really need to know. Off too get some dinner and make one of those 5 minute mug cake things for after. So much for that diet. Hello gym tomorrow .../not.


Friday, 12 November 2010

friday love

This week has been good. I'm happy. Jackies home, which even though i've not seen her yet, gives me the warmest most comforting feeling. Tomorrow night will be lovely lovely. Spending it with my favourite people, dancing in a silly way in mosh. Works good, moneys okay, i get a lie in tomorrow morning, and i'm going shopping for pretty dresses tomorrow. My only complaint? my heart hurts. Too many energy drinks. I need to cut down, AND i miss my other babe ♥

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Haven't done a blog in a while. So here goes. I suppose i should start by giving you a run down of the latest events that has happened recently but i really can't remember so i'll just say whay ever comes to mind. This weekend was lovely/not. Lovely to see Jackie and Becca on her birthday, not to not see Lucy and the later events that happened on the day i was meant to be coming home. I say meant to be coming home, like i didn't make it home. I did, safe and sound but 40 quid short and not getting in home until about half 10 at night. The whole weekend was abit of an anti climax, and i hope things get resolved soon because i can't stand all this, especially when it comes from someone else, someone i couldn't care less about. Like i said though, seeing Jackie was lovely and it was just nice to get away from Leicester and see some different places and people. We went to a big fireworks display on the friday night which was probably one of the best i've ever seen. Everything was pretty perfect there was just one thing missing, or should i say person. I wish Lucy was there to do the we no speak americano dance and then everything would have been lovely.
Works going okay at the minute, starting to get busy with the run upto christmas, apart from today where we were all stood doing nothing. I can't really complain though, i get to work with one of my best friends and a couple of other special ones so it could be worse. I managed to get my first christmas present today, which made me feel very organised and prepared. I also managed to transfer abit of money into my savings account too which was nice.
The next few weeks are looking to be quite full. With a couple of big nights out planned i'm sure i'll be giving this months wages abit of a beating with two new outfits for them. Sorry bank account. A hair cut is needed, still undecided whether to cut it all off, leave it too grow, get it 'cut to grow' (whatever that means!). I'll probably decide on the day like usual. A pub quiz??????? Somehow thats got thrown into the mix by me and sherri. The idea of a sunday pubquiz in comfys after a night out does seem quite appealing don't you think? JACKIES COMING BACK. Saturday, mosh. Need i say more? Apparently theres a more obvious reason to get excited for saturday too. Can't think why? I'm too funny. Family shopping trip to Nottingham next saturday, with Sherri. Cute. Harry Potter Friday with my cousin. Yes, my tickets are already booked. Christmas do... Ah the list goes on. I'm having a laugh these days. I'm pretty content, and happy.. Thats all that matters right?

I have no inspiration/can't be bothered to write anything else. I'm sorry for being rubbish, i'm probably just over tired. Until next time xxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Thought id post this to show everyone how long my hair is. I need help on the massive decision to cut it or keep growing. Today has been nice. I treated myself to some nice things and also put some money in my savings account. Best of both worlds. ♥

Monday, 1 November 2010

Just lately i've found that when i go to sleep i get to that mid way sleep-awake stage and i can't help but feel like i'm falling. I jolt fully awake shaking and clinging to something. I've also found that i can't go a full night without having nightmares, and waking myself up around 5am and just lying staring into nothingness. I wonder whats to blame for all this? I guess i'm just not content about something and it's being highlighted through the way that i unwind the best; sleeping. Lets hope tonight is better and i solve whatevers putting me on edge soon ♥