Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year,

So it has come to the end of yet another year. How strange is it how quickly it has flown by, but i guess people say that every year. I've stuck Oasis on and i'm here to go through my favourite year to date. 2011 has been good to me and i knew it would as soon as i saw it begin with my best friend, dancing to Mumford & Sons. I mean, what better way to start a year. Exactly!! For half the year i wasn't even home, i was having the time of my life in Bulgaria, which might sound random, but it really was amazing. I'm still the same, i think. Within myself i feel like what i want out of life, my hopes and dreams have not changed, if anything working away for a long time has only made me more open minded and gave me a better outlook on life. Life's too short to be spent at home, doing the same things, seeing the same people, having the same everyday routine, drinking the same coffee, having the same dinners and watching the same soaps. NO, i have plenty of time to do all this when i'm old and retired. Retired from what though is still a major question in my life. (See, i told you nothing's changed much!) I still have no clue what i'd like to do in the long run. I'd still like my vintage shop, but obviously i wouldn't know where to start and it all seems abit far away from anything realistic, but who knows!
I've left a job that i didn't love so much to go work away, and gone back into it 6 months later, and i think now i'm back to liking it again. Finally. It was the break i needed, i still have a love for Schuh. It's been good to me. In all honestly i couldn't really see myself working anywhere else. (Obviously a vintage shop??!??!) We're a good team, new and old and i couldn't imagine having as much as a laugh as i do there. For now, i'm happy at Schuh. (Key words = For now!)
This year i've felt emotions that i've never had to put myself through. I've missed my family more than i ever thought was possible. Sometimes in Bulgaria they're all i wanted. I've lost members of my family (not by death by the way!!) who i thought would be around for ever, it feels like i've lost what was once a good friend to distance, lack of communication, or something more pathetic, and i've gained a whole load of new ones from all parts of the world. If nothing else, i have Bulgaria to thank for that.
This year i've definitely not seen enough of my old friends. I missed Jackie and Lucy so much when i was away, i still do now. Good friendship isn't based on how much you see each other, it's about when you do, nothing's changed. Yep, i met loads of people when i was away, but nothing came close to seeing them again. They sort of make up this big list of little things that define 'home' for me.
I've grown alot closer too my brother. It's weird how much something can change in such a short space of time, and how something like a major breakup can bring families together. I've always looked upto my brother, and i just want him to be happy. As long as it took to get my head round what happened when i got back from Bulg, i could finally see that it was for the best. I don't think i've ever seen him this happy, and i'm pretty sure i've gained a new good friend who can make me laugh like we've known each other years. All abit quick, but i know what it's like..If it feels right, and good then why not. Alex, welcome to the family!
Talking about growing closer to people, i now appreciate my mum so much more. I'm happy to be in her company whenever the time is. 6 months is too long to be away from your mum.
I've had so many good memories from this past year, which made a change from last year! Some of my favourite moments of 2011....
TIESTO at Caciao Beach. The sun rising up from the mountains over the sea, my summer family by my side as i ty my hardest not to fall over from trying to dance on sand, with a 5 lev beer in my hand and the warmth on my face as a crowd of a few thousand moved with me to the sweet sound of watch the sun come up by example. Ultimate happiness.
OUR leaving do. Having everyone you know and love in one room, with a dancefloor and alcohol. What could be better? (oh, maybe if my rents were there!...still bitter about that! ha)
A NIGHT in Skeggy....I'll say no more, ask Sherri for full details! HAHAHAHA, what happens in Skeg stays in Skeg ;)
SEEING Billy Elliot. Yes, it was one of the highlights of my year so what. I'll see it again next year!!!
A WEEKEND in London. Probably one of my favourite weekends ever actually. It was actually amazing to see a few people i hadn't seen since Sunny Beach. Villi was here, in England. I had Tom and McLovin back, John was about, and me and Sherri were just confused at why we were in Essex. This was the first time i met Corkie too, not to get all serious or jinx anything but i guess he's part of my year, it's only early days, but never the less, he's still there, and that deserves a mention. But anyway, this weekend was everybit amazing. If i could, i'd do it all again.
GETTING jobs in Sunny Beach. HA, to anybody that doubted us! We made it, and have just secured a job working for the best club out there (not bias or anything!). Cheers to a summer of alcoholism and bad flirting.
MY first mosh experience after coming home. I was with Jackie, and i hadn't drank proper alcohol in half a year. Needless to say i got wasted (on mosh vodka?), and it was SO good to hear some mosh classics and bump into half of Leicester. (I'm pretty sure this can only happen once a year...the bumping into half of Leicester/drinking dirty vodka and actually LOVING it)
COMING HOME. Nothing, i repeat nothing will ever beat the feeling of landing in England (even if we were in Manchester and had no idea of how we were gunna get home). The surprise of coming home was massive. Nobody knew which made it amazing. Seeing my lovely, beautiful home for the first time, smelling it, seeing Spud, hugging my brother, and surprising my parents up tesco (of all places!). Brilliant. Everything was surreal for the first couple of days i got back. I was literally so happy. I'll always remember this, and feel a sense of warmth when i think back to my mums face when she first saw me!

Alice Dobson, Leanne Richardson, Tom Keane, Stuart Woodroofe, John Billson,Villi Hristova, and a whole load of other people from SB have made my year. (way too many to name)
A few special newbies from Schuh, James Hornsby & Becs Heatherley. A few special old ones from Schuh, Lynn Foster, Richard Hunter, Ashlee Monteith, Katy Perry, Cara Walsh & Piers Comerford.
My joint best friends, Jackie Bloor & Lucy Neville.
My wonderful family, Wendy Fletcher, Dave Fletcher, Christopher Fletcher, Alex Deacon, my lovely Nan, Hannah Victory, Thomas Victory and everyone else that was pleased to see me when i got home.
My best friend, Sherri McMullan.
You have all made my year, the best one yet. Here's to next year!

Peace and Happiness to all!! x

Monday, 26 December 2011

I love us 4 xxx

Miss this lot!

From reading back i can also say that i have grown up ALOT!
I've just been reading my blog back a couple of years ago! My writing style's changed and it's really weird!! I'm not sure whether i like it or not haha. One thing that hasn't changed is my constant want and need to go somewhere new. Even back then i wanted to get away and see everything. Part of me is sad that i still haven't really seen much but all in good time. It'll come, i've got forever afterall!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

A short list of things i'd like to do next year.

See Take That.
See Olly Murs.
See Billy Elliot.
Night out in Liverpool.
Night out in Sheffield.
Rejoin the gym.
Get pure fit (HA!)
Visit London alot of times.
Repierce my nose.
Decide on another tattoo.
TURN 21.
Sunny Beach baby!
Visit Thailand.
Find a job in London.
Attempt to grow hair. (HA!)
Learn to manage my money better/save.
Use the camera more.
Stop eating?
Get Olly Murs to marry me?
Win the lottery.
Buy a flat.
Have a big party.
Decide what i'm doing with my life.
See Take That.
Meet Olly Murs.
Buy more shoes.
Invest in an iPhone.
Stop eating?
..................I'm all out of things.

Merry Christmas!

This week's been abit hectic with the whole run up to christmas. Work's been mega busy and i've not really stopped with the whole shopping thing! I'm well and truley BROKE now, and can't even afford to go for a christmas drink. Looks like i'll be sitting at home sipping wine wishing it was mulled!! I've managed to spend abit of time with Sherri too which was nice. It's kinder hard now with work, and i know it sounds silly because we work together but it's not the same! We hardly speak at work you'll all be shocked to know! (see, we are not joined at the hip!!)
I got to see Jackie in the week too which was so nice. We basically did nothing and just laid in bed watching dodgey youtube videos (as per). It's always nice having people back for Christmas, it feels sort of comforting knowing i've got everyone so close to me, like it's how it's meant to be. I'm sort of rambling now. Anyway, had a good old catch up and chin wag! Can't wait to see Lucy too, missed her un real amounts, like i swear i've only seen her once since i've been back from Sunny! Boo!! After xmas drinks are needed for us 3 before they both dissapear and leave me again. I'm thinking MOSH? We can ruin our lives, Jackie can pretend to be best mates with everyone and Lucy can speak to us as if she's got a fat lip or taken something naughty. (mega slurring!)
On Thursday night we all went out for a lovely meal for my nans 70th birthday. It was really really nice to see some of the family that i hardly get to spend any time with. It's quite funny how families all seem to come together at Christmas time more than any other time of year! I took a look at us all and thought how lucky i was. I've got all these people around me at such a magical time of year and i've never really appreciated it before (cheesy i know).
It's weird, all this talk about having my family so close and how lovely it is, makes me think twice as much as a certain someone that isn't about this year for christmas. I miss my cousin more than ever. I wish things were the same, and that we could all drink grandads 50 year old Southern Comfort over christmas dinner! I wish you'd awkwardly ask for mint sauce just as everyones sat down round the 4 people table and we'd all konk out watching a rubbishy film on the sofa after a feast. i don't think tomorrow you'll leave my mind! Don't worry, next year will make up for it! ♥
I've just about managed to get all my presents sorted and half wrapped up. I've just gotta find some paper from somewhere and i'll be done! I'm feeling quite excited now, i think this is the only time of year i get excited again like an actual child!! I've got my nans to go round later, which is tradition. Since i can remember we have been round every year without fail, for tree presents, and food :)
That's all for now anyway, i'll be back at work boxing day which i am NOT looking forward too. I hope everyone that reads has a beaut christmas, eats loads, drinks loads, gets everything they asked for, and has a nice day spending time with loved ones.
I personally can't wait to wake up and find Olly Murs in my stocking.
Much love and happiness! Merry Christmas! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Strangely it feels like it's been years, yet we're still getting to know all those little details and interesting (or not so interesting) facts about each other. He wasn't part of my plan, and i'm not sure what's gunna happen when we both decide to go in opposite directions..but for now, it's good, and when something's good, i can't see the point in pushing it away. I had a lovely day today, and miss him already.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Seeing the boy tomorrow. I'm a happy chappy.

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Skinny Love.

Having a bit of a hard time in the 'loving your body' department. It's probably the worst time of year for it to happen aswell, i mean who want's to be out jogging or at the gym when they could be sat near a fire eating their body weight in chocolate. Just feeling pretty shit, and want a body like any of the above. Maybe i should stop moaning and do something about it. Saying hi to sit ups again i think!


Imagine....looking like that!!

Hurry up and drive home for christmas.

Guess what...

I miss this person...

and this person........

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday, 11 December 2011

I stumbled across your blog for the first time. I wish i hadn't. Sometimes your photo comes on my screensaver too, i wish it didn't. I'd delete it all, but can't.
Maybe you'll read this? ._.

My Sunday Song.


I'm meant to be doing that questionnaire thing that's abit further down on my page but actually can't be bothered to do some of the questions. For example, the next one to do is 'something you feel strongly about'..How long have you got? For one, i can't even think of a subject that i can write anything half decent about, and two i'd rather pick an easier question to start with.
I've not wrote anything on here in a while and it's mainly because i've not really been doing alot. Apart from working and christmas shopping i've been rushing home to change into something alot more comfortable and climb into bed to get warm (and i wonder why i'm single!?). Christmas is just round the corner, and with the decorations and tree going up i can't help but get excited. Christmas is probably one of my favourite times of the year, and being such a close knit family it's a time where the fake smiles come out and the thankyou's for that same jumper you get year in and year out. I love it. Anyway, this is a example of me going off track with the reason i blogged in the first place..okay so the next question i'll answer is..'things you want to say to an ex'..

Okay so, me and my ex split up on sorter good terms. At first it was hard, obviously it is for everyone when you just come out of a relationship, but with time things became easier and easier and i think that we have learnt to be better friends than anything. We had some laughs, we had tears, and fall outs but i guess that was only healthy. It's nice that we can still meet up, chat about things like we used too, and for it to be compeltely harmless. I'm actually really content with us at the minute, there's not many split up couples that can say that. You know me well, and i hope you can find someone that makes you as happy as i did ;) haha! (god i'm funny). I also know that you'd want the exact same thing for me. Much love Joe! x

Wonderful home at christmas.