Saturday, 6 October 2012

A short story.

There once was a happy household devistated by the loss of one member, that member was the family dog. Loved and happy for 9 years.
The family would never ever replace the dog, it was impossible.
One day the mother and daughter decided to 'take a look' at the dogs and cats at the R.C.P.C.A with no intentions of getting another dog.
Before they could properly even think about what they were doing, they seemed to find themselfs in love with and walking a beautiful cocker spaniel 11 month dog.
Decisions were very torn between the family, some wanted him, some didn't.
A week later, the family went to collect their perfect new dog. Happy.
The dog was so happy in his new home, the family were so happy with the new member.
The house seemed complete to begin with.
As the night went on, certains things started to crack the perfect image of the dog, he had a nasty side and the family had no control.
It broke the familys heart to see the dog they had bought and loved turn into something they had never seen before. This dog wasn't welcome, he ruined his stay, and he hurt the family physically, and mentally.
It was a hard choice to make and the family didn't feel safe anymore in the home.
The hard thing was that the dog was perfect 95% of the time.
His eyes told his mood instantly.
3 Days later the family took the dog back to the kennels, utterly heartbroken at the situation. Their perfect dog, they had fallen in love with since day 1, couldn't stay.
The manager at the rescue center explained that the dog had never been sold and rehomed, explained that the family had done nothing wrong by this dog, and that they should have been given the right paper work explaining the dogs problems.
The family left him, with nothing but a lead and collar. They drove home still upset, and returned to a home that felt empty, cold and quiet, once again.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What a difference a day can make. My mood is 100% better already all thanks to a little phone call about an interview!! Yay, i won't say much about it..don't want to get a head of myself or get my hopes up but thought i'd let you all know! :) Something to focus on for the next week anyway, POSITIVE THINKING CAP ON!!
In other news. It's kinda a long story but we seem to have bought a new dog. Something that has not been an easy decision or choice to make. There's no way we even planned to have another dog this soon after Spud. Somehow though, it just feels right that we're having him. I guess the house feels more complete with a dog. I don't think it's something that non dog owners would understand. My emotions with Spud are up and down all the time. I miss him SO much you can't even begin to imagine. Whatever people say about time healing, it's a load of shit. I miss him more and more everyday. i still That aside, having another dog will help the healing process massivly. I think, as a family we all need it. We won't be replacing Spud, impossible. I think Spud would have liked this new pup anyway. He comes home on Thursday and i can't wait! He's ours, and from the moment we met him at the R.S.P.C.A i knew he was. Hurry up Thursday, i want Billy home! (I'll upload some photo's when he's home!)
A trip to Tunbridge Wells will be happening in a couple of weeks too. I can't wait to see McLovin and Rome! It's for a couple of birthdays, so lots of drinks will be had! I've not actually drank since about 3 weeks ago so by then it will be a good month or so dry of no alcohol! I'll have 1 wine and be on the floor or something. God help me. Sherri is coming round in the week to get it all booked and have a good catch up. Me not working at Schuh kinda sucks now not getting to see her everyday. Especially after living and working with her ALL day EVERY day over summer!
See, my good mood has once returned. With a little help from the Billy Elliot soundtrack, one small phonecall, one very lively dog, and plans to visit some very lovely people. Yeah, happy days!! Let's hope it stays for good. October be good to me!