Thursday, 8 November 2012


I'm so sorry i haven't done a blog in ages, i've been so busy this past 5 weeks you wouldn't even believe it!

So much has changed recently i'm struggling to keep up myself.
I've managed to get my perfect job, and plans and ideas of mine that i've always wanted to persue seem almost do-able. Crazy.

As this stage of my life has changed for the better it seems some other situations have changed too. I'm  not sure how to deal with these changes as most of it is completely out of my hands and their is physically nothing more i can do to help. One day i'll get bored and give up on making the effort, at least i can say i tried. Hopefully that day won't come and things will be back to normal. I do wish this everyday.

So, i'm slowly changing my life and starting to grow up. Some people might see this as highly boring and i know alot of people have been asking if i'm going to work another season abroad. As much fun as i had, and as tempting it is, i feel like i have found my reasoning for being here. It sounds so stupid, and cheesy, but i have found my fresh start and i'm loving it.

Having applied for this job with no great expectations i was shocked enough as it was to find i had an interview never mind had the job!! I'm now assistant manager at British Heart Foundation and loving every minute!! I've completed 4 weeks of intense training at the Derby store and along the way met some of the most amazing people that dedicate their time volunteering and helping the paid staff out massivly. The stories i've come across have been incredible, and it puts life into perspective when a 93 year old man brings in the clothes of his late wife who he had been married to since he was 18. #LifesTooShort and all that. Enjoy it while you can, and that's what i'm trying to do.

As much as i'll miss the team at Derby, i'm looking forward to getting started at my own shop, and putting everything i've learnt and the tips i've picked up along the way into good use. I can't wait to build up my family, formed from all different people, volunteering for all different stories and reasons.

Christmas is on it's way and i haven't even started my shopping, i'm excited for christmas and going through a phase of constantly listening to Xmas songs on the train. I feel like i'm in Love Actually or something as i see people running through the station and meeting loved ones at the other end. Jealously kicks in right at that moment haha!

Saturday night will be my first night out in Leicester in 8 weeks. Not only will i be dancing the night away until my feet can't take no more, but i'll be doing it all with my favourite 2 girls!! It will be so good to see Jackie and Lucy again, especially because i haven't been on a night out with them well before i went to Bulgaria!! I know that it's gunna be an amazing night and that we're gunna have so many giggles. It's been too long, and this couldn't have happened at a better time. I needed them home, even just for one night. ♥

So that's my quick update so far, sorry it's only brief. Working all these proper hours has tired me out! 12 hour days = bed for 10 every single night! Haha, it won't be so long next time, promise!! Lots of Love xxxx