Thursday, 30 December 2010

So tomorrows the last day of 2010. Crazy. When i think back to what i've done over this past year i cringe. Fuck all has happened which makes me think what a waste? The year has flown to be fair, and i guess i've came out the other side with all my family close, all my friends (well, most), and i have my health, my job, and i guess i'm happier than i was this time last year. As far as boys are concerned, i'm happy to be single still. It's alot more fun i think! I guess i needed this year though, to think about what i properly want, to make a plan of action and to decide where i'm heading. So, that..i guess this has been my year in. If that makes any sense..sort of like a night in, where you get an early night and catch up on sleep. That's what i've done. I've stopped for a minute, and i'm actually saving money ready for 2011's big plans. I'm so excited, i'll be spending the most of next year with my best friends! Also, who knows.. i might just find my perfect man along my travels. 2010, you have been good to me! But 2011, you best be ready!! Roll on the new year.x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I remember when i was little and christmas eve was the worst nights sleep i'd get. I'd get so excited that i was almost sick, i'd scream, i'd lie awake for hours listening my hardest hoping to hear santa and his raindeer, and then when i finally did fall sleep, i'd wake up about 6am and wait until the reasonable hour of 7am came round, run into my brothers room and it felt like the happiest feeling in the world. Christmas isn't magic anymore, I'm looking forward to Christmas purely for the day off, the sleep in i'll get and the spending it with my family. I get my brother back for the day which will be nice, but there's something not quite the same. You just can't beat christmas when there's kids around i suppose! I think it's because they actually do believe more than anything that the magic is actually real.
2 Days to go ♥

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hello my lovelies. Tonight i'm going to have a bath, read a good book and drink some tea. I might watch a film too. Maybe this...

Maybe i need a hobby?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

just a quick one!

I've not posted anything proper in a while. I could blatently lie and say that i've been really busy but truthfully i've just had nothing of interest to say! I don't wanna bore you all to death! The countdown to Christmas is quicker than ever this year i think, i can't believe its just over a week away! I've done all my shopping, and everythings wrapped up. Just need to get my Dad a birthday card and write a few more cards. Boring! There's something about christmas that i love and somethings that i hate. I love the whole concept of spending it with family and bringing people closer, but the run up, I actually hate with a passion. Business' are all about the money, money, money and i think since working in retail i've really seen a different side to the whole festive season. Like i said though, i'm looking forward to spending it with family and friends that are home from uni and just eating whatever i want before going on the biggest diet of my life ready for the summer 2011. I'm missing my babes, but I can't wait for some hard drinking sessions when they get back to Leicester. It makes me happy however, the amount of time i've spent with Sherri, and how close we have actualy become in the space of what? a few months? It's all good, it makes work bearable considering a few recent changes. There is only a handful of people that keep me in that job! Plus the fact i'll be leaving within the next 6 months. Anyway, i have work tomorrow, shockingly. I best get some sleep as before i know it my alarm will be ringing and it's time to start another day. Roll on the weekend where i'll be getting ridiculously drunk at Sherri's house hanging out with a load of youths. (Realistically i'm still a youth at heart) I get to see Jackie and Fox too. LOVELY :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Born in the wrong era.

Okay so i watched nowhere boy again last night, and i think i'm gunna put it out could be one of my favourite films.
He's a clip from it, (one of my favourite) and then the original song after. A-maz-ing. Big love for Lennon!

Saturday, 4 December 2010


1. My middle name is Leanne. I have no thoughts and feelings about it, it could be worse.
2. I have my ears pierced, once and a tattoo on my wrist of a swallow. I still love it and want another one soon!
3. My favourite tv programme is misfits, the apprentice, or friends. Standard.
4. My closest friends? ...are not very close at all, Ones at Liverpool, ones at Sheffield...and luckily the other one is in Braunstone :)
5. My favourite colours are duck egg blue, pastal green, and pink. Haha soz specific.
6. I like winter because everythings prettier.
7. I can't remember how i came across tumblr, i don't like it that much but have it anyway. I prefer this one because i think you can be more creative with it. It's not changed my life.
8. I'm not a fitness freak, but i'm not a couch potato. Some days i can spend all day in bed and others I'll go gym for a couple of hours. Quite a good balance.
9. Whats a meme?
10. I have a dog, and i love him lots. He's literally my favourite thing. I think i'll always want a dog, when i move out because i've grown up with them. It would be weird to have an empty house.
11. Top 3 favourite bands. Goddddd. Hardest question ever, Its between; bloc party, mumford & sons, arctic monkeys, the smiths, take that, lightspeed champion, kasabian. Not many then.
12. I love Harry Potter. I've grown up with it, read all the books, seen all the films. The films always seem to dissapoint me in comparison to the books but the latest film out was one of the best things i've ever seen!
13. Mean girls? Everyone loves it and i don't know why.
14. I have an older brother, he's 24. One of the main reason i enjoy christmas so much is because he comes home for the day. It's nice to have the family together.
15. My favourite junk food is pizza. Without a doubt.
16. The best disney princess film is Beauty and the Beast!!! - mainly because i like the soundtrack the most.
17. Ugg boots are over priced slippers. If i didn't work at a shoe shop i wouldn't have any opinion. People actually go crazy at christmas time for them.
18. No but i drink too many energy drinks. One a day is not good for your kidneys.
19. Initials of my crush! haha that sounds abit year 7 like doesn't it... and no you''re not getting the initials anyway.
20. I do not wear glasses. Even though i can't see sometimes. I don't know either.
21. My favourite subject at school was always something arty. I hated maths with a passion because i was shit at it, but i liked doing ceramics and woodwork at high school, in post 16, film studies always interested me alot.
22. I don't play a sport. I don't watch sport. I just go gym. Other hobbies? going out? soz.
23. I like Lady GAGA. She's done really well for herself. I think she thinks shes some sort of michael jackson though.
24. Harry Potter 7- part 1. Was the last film i saw at the cinema. I went with my cousin and Liam. I was transfixed throughout the whole thing and cried alot when Dobby died.
25. I'm reading a book at the minute called witches and wizards. It's a kids book but actually really good. I got it free aswell so everyone's a winner.
26. I'd love to visit New York, and i will.
27. I haven't really thought about girls, boys and pets names that much actually. I like the name Harry. (nothing to do with Harry Potter by the way)
28. My first celebrity crush was either Brendan Frasier, or Tobey Maguire. Haha. Fit... really fit.
29. I've not ever watched any Glee. Everyone loves it though. Am i missing out?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Roll on May 2011.