Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I keep dreaming about you cuz! Miss you, love you x

5 ways to win my heart.

Okay this should be easy. I'm pretty much all about the little things to be honest. I'm easily pleased and by no means high maintence. I'd say the most important thing that i need when i meet anyone new is banter. ALLLLLL about the banter it's unreal. You need to be able to make me smile, you need to be witty, sarcastic, and take some flirty abuse. You also need to give it back. Make me laugh with some good old dry humour and you're pretty much half way there.
Secondly, get along with my best friends, and family. If you don't love them like i love them it won't work!
Thirdly, wear nice shoes. Vans, always nice, sometimes some toms or a nice winter boot can be welcomed too. I work in a shoe shop, i notice these things straight away.
Fourth of all, It's a massive plus if you can drive. I can't drive (yet to learn) so it would be lovely to be picked up and driven around (not to sound too needy). Also, we can go for roadtrips and we can take Sherri with us.
Lastly, ACCENT. An accent will make you 100% fitter than you are. Seriously.

- Rich, well off men are also welcome.
Anyone fit this bill? I'm currently taking applications....

doing this soon...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Moving to London in a couple of years. I know i say this like every week but i'm serious. I love it, and it's giving me something to look forward too once i've finished with my travels. I wanna feel the buzz everyday, and do my clothes shopping in camden market at the weekend. I'm one of these people that change my mind easily. Always have been, when i was little i went from wanting to be a vet, to an artist, to a bus driver. I change my mind lots, but you know when you just know? There are certain things that i've got drilled into me that i need to do and need to see. Just give me a couple of years.

Monday, 21 November 2011

a week of madness!


I've been meaning to blog about my week all day, i even started a paragraph a few hours ago but just couldn't get into it. I still don't feel properly up for writing this, it's been one heck of a week and lots has happened so bare with me, i've stuck some Adele on and i'm doing my best to remember all the details about my mental week.
It sure has been a good one, and one i'll remember for a very long time. From the countless episodes of Misfits and chilling at mine with my Bulgarian friend, (bet you wasn't expecting that) to running around London lost and confused on the underground, i can safely say i'm gunna sleep well tonight and the day off work tomorrow is much appreciated!!
So basically, Villi came to stay at mine for the week! Me and Sherri did our best to make sure she had a nice time. It's hard when you're constantly trying to think of fun things to do, if you're the host you need to be on the ball all the time. I'd hate to think i was boring anyone, and i reckon Sherri agrees. So, we thought of cheap ways of entertaining a girl that had never been out of Bulgaria, never mind England. I think that Villi coming to visit has opened my eyes abit to how lucky i am. As much as i moan how much i wanna get away from it all, this is home. My homes beautiful, and i'm lucky to have the beauty of the countryside and fresh air, but the convinience of a 20 minute bus into the city. I've never really thought of it like that. (As much as i'd love to be able to walk to work!!) We did a country walk, and my brother kindly leant me his dog to take with us! Making it productive, see i'm always thinking! We walked for a good hour and a half, took some photographs and Villi got dragged down the road by Obie. Productive, see. We did a day of shopping, and i introduced her to the wonders of Primark. We did drinks at polar bear one night, and had some good hot chocolate moments another day. We went cinema to see Arthur Christmas (which is amazing by the way) and took a stroll round the city. Camera on the go the whole time. We went to the museum and i saw Maia for the first proper time since before i went away! I loved that day, we went to the park and ate fish and chips. Something that Villi had never had. A good 4 quid well spent and a first for the Bulg!!
On the Friday i passed Villi over to Sherri for the evening why i went to watch my mum perform in UHL's got talent, which is basically a talent contest between all 3 hospitals in Leicester where different departments compete to win money to build new departments and buy new equipment for that certain ward or hospital. I know my mum, and i know for a fact that it was probably one of the most nerve racking things she ever had to do. For weeks, and weeks it's all she's been able to think about. Her along with about 11 others were all zombie-fied up and were going to do a dance to thriller. When they did there performance i could have actually cried. I was so proud of all of them and they were actually AMAZING. Oncology thrillers came third, which i think was probably a fix. The winners were another dance group which consisted of 8 beautiful thin young girls in neon tutus dancing too party rock anthem. Because that's original!!! So we didn't win, but 3rd is better than 4th, and at the end of the day everyone that danced with my mum was above the age of 50, the dance was made up entirely by themselves and they made the most effort. That surely deserves first prize but whatever. There's always next year!
I got Villi back, and we prepared for our weekend in London, which would be Villi's last weekend. We got to London about half 12 on the Saturday and met up with John, McLovin and Tom. It was unbelievably good to see them. It was honestly like being reunited with my second family. In the first half hour we automatically found ourselves in a pub right next the coach station, pretty standard. Tom had just arrived and we did Sambuca shots. 'I DON'T EVEN LIKE SAMBUCA' is what came from his mouth as soon as he ordered 6 shots in. Great, so we were walking through centeral London, slightly pissed up, and not a clue where we were going. It seemed at the time like a blur. Sort of like a film or episode of skins. All of us, just so, well..happy. Everything had a glow, the weather was perfect, the company was perfect, and the location..spot on. Still happily snapping away with the camera we visited all the major destinations, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace Etc... We walked down the Thames, just so, happy. All the drinks, and laughs took my mind of a small fact that I DIDN'T HAVE ANYWHERE TO STAY. My place to stay sort of messed really last minute. Things would be okay. Sherri had to be back for her coach at half 10 and we weren't that drunk anyway...right?
So after more and more and more and more drinks, and shots, and photos, we were right in the heart of it. We probably couldn't have been more further away from the coach station if we tried but it was only early so we had nothing to worry about. At this point the plan was to stay at McLovins, which put my mind at rest abit! A quick bite to eat and we thought it was probably best we start heading towards the coach station, and obviously the best way to go about doing that was to stubble there. I'm not quite sure what happened, but the next thing i know, i'm eating a cheese and onion pasty, Villi and John have ran off to pick up there bags from the coach station, and it's definately past half 10. As Sherri is trying to come to terms with the fact that she most likely won't be making it home anytime soon we're blagging our way through various train stations and on our way to Essex. HA!!! A new plan, just picture this... We've somehow lost our Bulgarian friend and our completely pissed up Plymouth friend somewhere in London, Sherri's missed her coach home..now throw a rather drunk McLovin into it, and a few rowdy Essex lads and you've got the funniest train journey EVER to Essex. Lunging, and drinking games, i'm pretty sure we annoyed about 95% of the carridge we were on. With a beer still in hand i'm now getting off the train to a very foggy Essex. I cross a road...and then i'm in a club house/working mens club type thing. With the local essex girls looking NOTHING like our Popey or LaurenG, and the guys having nothing in common to Joey except the accent, it wasn't looking great. This, was probably one of the most surreal points of my whole life!! Couple of hours past, played some pool, McLovin threw a drink over Sherri (and her phone) and we did shots. Again.. Later walked to Toms and proceeded to stay awake for the next 12 hours. I think it's safe to say, i wasn't feeling fresh the next day.
So basically, it's a Sunday, i'm in Essex, i can't find Sherri (won't go there), McLovin somehow got into a fight and is still drinking rose wine, i'm scared to death Toms mum's gunna come home any minute, Sherri's missed work, Sherri's phone won't turn on, I have a date in about an hour in Convent Garden, and we have no way of getting to London. Brilliant!!! Luckily, Toms friend Adam was an absolute babe, and offered to drive us to London, where i could somehow make my way to Convent Garden (not got a clue where that is), Sherri could book another coach and easily make it back for 5oclock where she would be holding interviews, and McLovin could..well....go home and go sleep??!?! About 4 hours of driving around London we probably visited all the major parts of it, and went in a circle 8 times. Adam bless him! We made it in the end, and Sherri had 20 minutes to make a coach that her mum had booked for her at half 2. She runs off, with no working phone, to grab a taxi to the coach station, McLovin more or less sleepwalks to the train station, and i'm left at the underground about to make my way to Covent Garden. I eventually turn up to meet this guy anyway (who i met in Sunny Beach) only an hour and a half late. With everything explained, he was lovely about it and didn't seem to mind. Had a wander round and went for some food and a drink in this lovely undergound pub. It was actually nice to just stop for a couple of hours. Instead of always rushing round trying to get somewhere, and enjoy looking round with someone quite lovely. Everythings sort of perfect, until i get a phonecall of a number i didn't know. Hello? ..It's Sherri...i missed my coach. WOWWWW. Seriously, was this happening. She borrowed a phone of someone and somehow, which is the weirdest thing, remembered my number. She had no phone, no money, no bank card and was basically relying on me to save her. If it wasn't for Corkey (the date/sort of....would it be classed as a date??) i would not have made it back in time for my coach. The tube scares me, especially when everyones running round knowing where to go, and you feel like you can't even ask anyone because everyones late for something. He went with me and took me to Victoria station. I made it to Sherri who had now missed the interviews that she needed to be back for. OH WELL. The next thing to do was get her on my coach. Wait a minute, no seats. You literally couldn't write this shit!! Luckily, 25 quid later, and a person that didn't show up me and Sherri are on our way home. The feeling of relief was amazing, and we chatted the whole way back about how ridiculous the weekend was. At the same time, how bloody AMAZING it was.
I got home, and i was exhausted/buzzin/still drunk. SO eventful, so funny, and so random. Things went rather smoothly for me to be fair! Wish i could say the same for Sherri! I won't be letting her go anywhere anytime soon!
Hope you all enjoyed reading about my week, and my rather mental weekend. I'm going to bed to recover and laugh to myself about it! Photos to follow!! - For those who are interested, Villi got home safe and sound, John was sick at Victoria coach station lots of times, Tom woke up later Sunday afternoon probably wondering where everyone was, McLovin went to the pub when he got home from London, Sherri is never leaving Leicester, and Adam is probably still driving round London lost.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Only £235. Great.

Christmas ain't gunna be the same.


Neglecting the blog once again, i'm sorry! I've got some good things to look forward to within the next few days which is making life a little easier. I love having something to look forward too, as i've always said, it makes waking up a more happier thing to do, knowing you're one day closer to something. ANYWAY. Without repeating myself once again, i'll give you a quick update of what i've been upto.. I worked last Saturday which was a first time in a long while. I didn't actually mind what so ever. A weekend compared to a week day at schuh is completely different. In the week you're always busy doing something, even if the shops completely dead there's always cleaning to be done, on a Saturday however, it's all about serving. No jobs get done as you're always running around like a headless chicken. I liked Saturday; good banter with people that i don't normally get too work with and the day actually flew by. We all had a night out Saturday night too which gave us something to work for. we all went Propaganda for the first time since we got back. Thanks to James having a birthday we managed to get in free too. Thanks Propaganda birthday guest list!! We danced alot, and i mean alot. It was so good to see a few old familiar faces too. I'm talking people i've not seen in a good 3 years! Katy Pez was out, Sherri was out (standard) and TLeaf was out. Also James (obviously) and all his friends, which we automaticially became bessies with due to the high bulmers intake we were all going through! Good times. The following Sunday was spent in bed sleeping my life away, drinking endless cups of tea and looking forward to Towie that night. Hardly a productive Sunday, but who has productive Sunday's these days anyway?
Randomly, Alice came to visit us on Tuesday. It was so exciting to go and wait for her at the train station! It was really surreal that she was here actually. After spending all summer with someone in Bulgaria and going to nothing for a good few weeks, too Alice just chilling in your local. It was all very weird but really really good to catch up on all the latest/find out more gossip about who slept with who towards the end of Sunny Beach. It was an interesting chat to say the least resulting in scarring a few families and big parties of 8 not to come anywhere near us. I suppose it would have been illegal not to take Alice out since she was here for the first and last time before she leaves us and goes to Thailand on Monday (jealous doesn't cut it). We typically went to mosh which was actually pretty packed. Not so packed that it took forever to get drinks or whatever though. Saw some old faces once again. Standard for mosh. Got drunk on shots and alcopops, and we all ended up in the chippy next door chatting to Sherris mate Worm, (i have no idea) trying to drag Sherri away from overly touchy feely males that had also had one too many! We dropped Sherri home, in which we watched her about fall over as she made her way to her front door (we drove off and hoped for the best we really did), and then me and Alice got in and fell into bed. I had work the next day much to my disgust and left Alice and Sherri to be hungover and delicate. We had a nice flying visit from Dan though! Strange how he only lives in Nottingham but still we hadn't met up or seen him. We all went Nandos and caught up once again about the last remaining few days in Sunny Beach. It's surprising the things you miss when you're not all living on the same street for 5 months. So much gossip left over there i swear!! That night me and Alice died in bed watching youtube videos and the last episode of Towie. A good chilling night actually and we both felt fresh as daisys the next day. I wasn't able to go to Brid with Alice and Sherri which really annoyed me. I would have loved to have randomly joined them for the trip but lack of funds were not doing me any favours. When she gets home from Thailand i'll be waiting at their front door for them i swear!! I wanna go hang out at the seaside. I wanna Brid card and i wanna see Leanne and George! Booo. It's pretty weird thinking that, depending on when Alice decides to come home, i'll more than likely next be seeing her in Sunny Beach next time. Proper weird! It seems so long away, but like she said, spending 6 months in Thailand is a pretty handy way to kill some time. Jell!!
So Alice had gone and i was left with a week and one day off work! Thinking how weird it was when she was here is nothing really compared to how it's gunna be when Villi gets here on Monday. I'm so, so excited and even when i found out she was in London i ran around my house screaming 'VILLI'S IN ENGLAND'. So, she spends her first few days down in Plymouth with my good friend John and then she comes to Leicester for a week. I mean, a Bulgarian comes too England and one of her choices of destination in Leicester. Leicester, i mean it's hardly got much to offer but whatever! I don't care, we'll find something to do even if we're getting drunk handing out leaflets all day (yes please?) . I'm not really sure what we're gunna do, hoping a trip somewhere else for the day, even if it's somewhere close by? Maybe a cinema trip and a couple of drinking sessions. It's the most exciting thing ever!! I also can't wait to go London next weekend too. A mini reunion with McLovin and Tom, i think even Amy is gunna show her face!! Coach all booked too so i'm staying for the whole weekend. Still not got a place to stay for sure Saturday night but i'm not too worried. I've got Cortez if i don't get a hotel. i don't think i can worry about anything know, knowing Villi made her way all the way to plymouth from london, after a flight from Bulgaria all on her own! Very proud of her!
So that's basically my update! Lots too look forward too, lots to do and a week of work. Good times i think! Much love. xxx

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