Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Love love love

I've always said that no matter how shit i'm feeling, there's always something that makes me feel better. That something being the most beautiful four men that come in form of Mumford & Sons. It sounds abit cringy, but i'm pretty sure they are the answer to everything. Obviously the album Sigh No More has been rinsed for all it's got, EASILY having the most plays out of everything on my I Tunes, so when they released their new album yesterday i jumped at the chance to download it.
It is SO beautiful, i didn't think that they could out do their first work of art but somehow this one had grabbed me just as much, maybe more. I'm still only half way through it, and i already felt the need to blog about it. Must be something special ay! Mumford & Sons i. love. you. You came at just the right time.

Album on repeat forever more. ♥

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