Sunday, 30 September 2012

I dunno what it is, coming back and still not being able to find a job has sort of knocked my good mood. my positive thinking isn't so positive and i guess hanging around home while everyones at work can get quite lonely. I miss even having the dog to talk too.
I don't wanna be left behind, it probably doesn't make sense but i know what i mean. I feel like everyones moving forward and i'm just stuck. I guess i didn't really plan my escape for what i'd do if i was in this situation and now i'm feeling abit lost! I've never not been in work since i was 15 so this is quite strange. Depending on other people is not in my nature and i certainly don't know how people can do this out of choice! I'm bored to death, i want more money, and i want something new.
I guess i just need to keep waiting. In the mean time i'll just be doing my work out dvd, watching 2 broke girls, applying for jobs i probably can't do and drinking tea.

Massive sigh!!

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